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Call for Papers: The Causes and Consequences of Male Over-Representation

European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR)

Joint Sessions of Workshops

University of Warsaw, Warsaw

29 March – 2 April 2015

CALL FOR PAPERS “The Causes and Consequences of Male Over-Representation” ***Deadline for submissions: December 1, 2014***

Submit under Workshop 16 at

Workshop Directors:

Rainbow Murray

Queen Mary, University of London

and Elin Bjarnegård

Uppsala University


Nearly every legislature worldwide has a male majority. This well-known fact has generated significant research on women’s political under-representation. While male over-representation might be explicitly acknowledged, it is usually problematised in terms of its impact on women, and is seldom the central focus of study. This workshop will open up new research agendas focusing explicitly on male over-representation, studying the causes and consequences of having male majorities (as opposed to female minorities) within legislatures.

The workshop seeks to bring together scholars currently working on men and masculinity within politics from a gendered and/or feminist perspective. While research with a focus on men, rather than women, is relatively rare, we also hope to inspire the many scholars working on women and gender to embrace this new research agenda by reconceptualising their research questions and producing new research in this area. We welcome participation from scholars working in related areas but outside the discipline of political science. We invite both theoretical and empirical papers that explore and develop the workshop’s theme of male over-representation. Papers exploring male power networks, masculinist cultures within parliaments, men’s interests, and the substantive representation of men are particularly welcome. We do not have a regional or methodological preference, and papers exploring single country case studies are welcome, as are more comparative pieces. We ask paper proposals to ensure that the primary focus of the research is men, masculinity and/or male over-representation, rather than women.

The full workshop description is available here:

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