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The UK Political Studies Association Women and Politics Specialist Group. Resource for researchers working on women and/or gender and for women in the PSA. The 2014 Specialist Group of the Year.

Won’t Someone Think of the Men? A Reply to Jack Grove and the Times Higher Education

Dear Jack (can we call you Jack?), Thanks so much for your unsupported musings article on the ridiculously wittily phrased ‘anti-bloke bias’ in academia. It is always rage-inducing refreshing to see a bloke mansplain explain privilege to wimmin. Let’s start … Continue reading

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2016 Undergraduate Essay Competition Winners Announced!

The PSA Women and Politics Specialist Group is delighted to announce the winners of our annual Undergraduate Essay Competition. This year’s judge, Professor Rosie Campbell (Birkbeck, University of London and Vice-Chair of the Political Studies Association) noted the high quality of this year’s essays, … Continue reading

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X marks the spot but the Ys have it: referendum coverage as a boys’ own story

  By Karen Ross, Newcastle University Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman (/feminist political communication scholar) because most of my time is spent on absences, peering into the black hole of women’s silencing. Any number of men, both politicians … Continue reading

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Congrats, you have an all-male book prize!

The W.J.M. Mackenzie Book Prize is awarded annually by the UK Political Studies Association to the best book published in political science in each calendar year. Yet, in its entire 30 year history, the prize has only ever been awarded … Continue reading

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Is it really that difficult to find women to talk about the EU Referendum?

The significant absence of expert women’s voices from media debates and academic events related to the EU Referendum has been widely reported. PSA Women and Politics members Roberta Guerrina, Toni Haastrup, Katharine Wright share a list of women EU experts and argue there are in fact … Continue reading

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A List of Women EU Experts

Where are the women in debates over the EU referendum? Guess what – there are lots of women political scientists who work on the EU! Working in a lot of different areas! And they’re not hard to find! Here’s a partial … Continue reading

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Nil, Nada, Zilch: The Change in Women’s Representation in 2016 — Gender Politics at Edinburgh

At the start of the Scottish Parliament election campaign, it seemed that the tide had finally turned for women’s representation. In the end, however, only 45 women MSPs (35%) have been elected to the fifth Scottish Parliament, the same number … Continue reading

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