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The UK Political Studies Association Women and Politics Specialist Group. Resource for researchers working on women and/or gender and for women in the PSA. The 2014 Specialist Group of the Year.

Northern Ireland and gendered rights: a place apart

The General Election has thrown the spotlight upon Northern Irish politics and, in particular, policies around abortion and the LGBT community which differ substantially from the rest of the UK. Here, Jennifer Thomson explores the situation in Northern Ireland and … Continue reading

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On Corbyn, Book-Eating and the Future of UK Political Science

Jonathan Dean, University of Leeds, reflects on the state of the discipline of political science in the wake of the surprising results of the 2017 General Election. The story is one we have heard before. An election is looming. Pundits, … Continue reading

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Let’s Put the Champagne on Ice: The Commons’ Missing Women

With a record high number of women elected to Parliament, was the 2017 general election something to celebrate? Sarah Childs, Meryl Kenny and Jessica Smith re-assess the recent result and consider what it means for women’s political representation. ‘Record-breaking’, ‘unprecedented’, … Continue reading

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PSA ECN Annual Conference 2017

ECN Annual Conference, 22nd June 2017, Liverpool Central Library Critical Junctures at Home and Abroad: 12 Months Since Brexit The PSA Early Career Network invite you to their annual one-day conference, on the theme of Critical Junctures at Home and Abroad: 12 … Continue reading

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PSA Annual Conference 2017

For those coming to the PSA Annual Conference in Glasgow next week, there are a number of PSA Women and Politics panels and other sessions on women, gender and politics that you may be interested in attending. We also hope that you can make … Continue reading

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Women: Mostly Missing from Introductory Political Science Texts

In a guest post for the PSA Women and Politics Blog, Amy Atchison (Valparaiso University) asks the crucial question of ‘where are the women’ in political science textbooks. Her research finds that gendered content in introductory political science texts is scarce … Continue reading

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Diversity in academia: It takes raindrops to make a river

Jessica Smith (Birkbeck), Communications Officer for the PSA Early Career Network, reflects on the ECN’s recent workshop on ‘Demystifying and Navigating Early Career Academia’, held at the University of Manchester on 3 February 2017.  In February, the Political Studies Association’s Early Career … Continue reading

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