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The UK Political Studies Association Women and Politics Specialist Group. Resource for researchers working on women and/or gender and for women in the PSA. The 2014 Specialist Group of the Year.


By Sarah Childs I am the unnamed woman he couldn’t ‘make up’; I am the author of The Good Parliament Report; and my name is Sarah Childs. I am Professor of Politics and Gender at the University of Bristol, not ‘gender … Continue reading

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Diversity, Inclusion, and Doctoral Study: Challenges Facing Minority PhD students in the United Kingdom

By Kate Mattocks (Liverpool Hope University) & Shardia Briscoe-Palmer (University of Birmingham) “I would like to stay in academia; however the future is very bleak for black female academics within political science. I would have to break that glass ceiling … Continue reading

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Call for Papers: Women in Society Conference

Women in Society from Historical Perspective: The Origins and Developments of Women’s Political, Social and Economic Engagement  Mini Conference prior to Annual Meeting of Council of European Studies University of Glasgow July 11, 2017 A one-day conference for scholars with projects … Continue reading

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Demystifying and Navigating Early Career Academia

The PSA Early Career Network is holding a day’s conference in Manchester on Demystifying and Navigating Early Career Academia. It is a day of workshops and panels aimed at lifting the lid on academic processes – including advice on CVs … Continue reading

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Dysfunctional democracy and the fall of liberal values

PSA Women and Politics member Manjeet Ramgotra (SOAS) explores why the outcomes of the UK referendum and US elections were so close and the implications of this for democracy and liberal values. The year 2016 has changed the political landscapes of Europe … Continue reading

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Who’s Afraid of Identity Politics?

PSA Women and Politics member Jonathan Dean (University of Leeds) assesses the problematic messages behind – and alarming consequences of – recent debates over ‘identity politics’[i] Amidst the recriminations and collective shock in the face of Trump’s victory (and the myriad other reverses suffered by … Continue reading

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Won’t Someone Think of the Men? A Reply to Jack Grove and the Times Higher Education

Dear Jack (can we call you Jack?), Thanks so much for your unsupported musings article on the ridiculously wittily phrased ‘anti-bloke bias’ in academia. It is always rage-inducing refreshing to see a bloke mansplain explain privilege to wimmin. Let’s start … Continue reading

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