Essay Competition


PSA Women and Politics Specialist Group

2017 Undergraduate Essay Competition

1st Prize £150

2nd Prize £75

Deadline: Friday 16 June 2017

To enter:

 UK Lecturers should submit their ‘best’ gender and politics undergraduate essay (max 3,000 words, excluding bibliography) to this year’s judge:

Dr. Toni Haastrup (University of Kent):

NB: Student must not independently send their essays



 The PSA Women and Politics Specialist Group is delighted to announce our 2016 undergraduate essay competition winners:

First Prize – Sebastian Wigdell Bowcott (University of Leeds) ‘Critically assess the implications of postcolonial theory for our understanding of contemporary feminist politics’

Second Prize – Pablo Perez Ruiz (University of Edinburgh) ‘Is globalisation good for women?’

For more details click here.

Congratulations to our winners!



2015 winners:

First Prize – Letty Davis (SOAS) ‘Pinkwashing and Homonationalism: Gender, Sexuality, and Power in Israel’

Second Prize – Natalie Lovell (University of Leeds) ‘Critically examine the importance of ‘intersectionality’ for feminist political theory and activism’

2014 winners:

1st Prize: Ellen Friend (University of Bristol) ‘Hunting Witches: Media Representations of “Non-Compliant” Woman MPs’

2nd Prize: Rhian Williams (University of Leeds) ‘To what extent is Butler’s account of gender performativity helpful for understanding contemporary feminist politics?’

2013 winners: 

1st prize: Jessica Firth (University of Edinburgh) Does the Rise of the Global Sex Industry Represent Progress or Failure for Feminism?

2nd prize: Daniela Filipa Martins Cabral (Queen Mary, University of London) Can women ever benefit from emphasising their difference to men?

2012 winners:

1st: Rebecca Tildesley (University of Bristol) To what extent does Prime Minister’s Questions marginalise women because of its highly masculinised form?

2nd: Emily Hazell (UWE) Is feminism a comprehensive ideology

2010 winner: Alexandra Hurcikova (University of Edinburgh)

2009 winner: Peter Allen (Queen Mary, University of London)

2008 winners: Naomi Ralph (University of Edinburgh), Sara Ansari (Queen Mary, University of London), Peg Murray Evans (University of Sheffield)

2007 winner: Charlotte Coles (University of Edinburgh)

2006 winner: Catherine MacDonald (University of Edinburgh)

2005 winner: Lorna Robbins (University of Bristol)

2004 winner: Christina Eason (University of Manchester)