Gender and Politics in the media

US: Cuomo begins his major push for women right, More Women in Congress Does Not Mean Less Gridlock in Washington

Cuomo begins his major push for women rights Ct Post ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who championed same-sex marriage in New York, is starting the same effort to rivet America’s attention on the discrimination and abuse still facing women. The governor is tying abortion rights to the effort, a …

Republican Party Path Back From 2012 Election Requires Shift In Culture, Not … Huffington Post But to attract organic support from young people, women and minorities and continue harvesting new faces, conservatism needs an attitude adjustment: get hungry, get humble, and get to know more people who aren’t like you. A cultural shift in the GOP …

More Women in Congress Does Not Mean Less Gridlock in Washington Daily Beast Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.) insists that had women been running the Congress there would have been no “fiscal cliff” since “we don’t believe in the culture of delay.” Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) told an approving Diane Sawyer on ABC TV that women in …

Cuomo’s State of the State addresses education, women’s rights, gun laws … Poughkeepsie Journal Other proposals unveiled by Cuomo include a 10-pack of measures focused on women’s issues, including state bills requiring women to be paid the same as men when performing equal work, putting abortion rights into law and enacting tougher penalties for …

Where are the ‘binders full of women’ for Obama’s … Sam Seder, host of “The Majority Report,” and Republican strategist Bill Spadea join “Say …

Obama’s second term to be a boys club? Fox News Video

Obama’s binders full of ‘white men’? Fox News Video

All the president’s men: Cabinet diversity concerns … Fox News Video

New Hampshire goes pink Video on

Women in military more likely to be raped by fellow … Christine Pelosi and Jennifer Granholm discuss the serious issue of rape inside the military.

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