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Ann Romney’s RNC Speech: Reactions

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Ann Romney, Chris Christie Declare War For The Women’s Vote In Election 2012 Forbes

Ann Romney Woos Hispanic Voters, Urging They Get Past ‘Their Biases’ ABC News (blog)

Political panel: Convention speech reaction

Ann Romney RNC speech meant to paint Mitt as normal family man Bay News 9

Ann Romney, Chris Christie’s speeches get the job done, but no more Washington Post (blog)

Will Ann Romney be a decisive factor in the 2012 election after her RNC speech …

Ann Romney’s Speech Was All Style, No Substance U.S. News & World Report (blog)

Mitt Romney Isn’t a Great Storyteller. Apparently, Neither is His Wife Slate Magazine

In high-stakes convention speech, Ann Romney connects Reuters

Ann Romney’s speech did much to help her husband Boston Globe

“Corporate Wife, Very Rich Woman” Ann Romney Gives RNC Speech Gothamist

Ann Romney’s RNC Speech Helps Mitt’s Image CBS Local As any First Lady or aspiring First Lady, this was Ann Romney’s most important speech – and likely the most important moment – in her life. Mrs. Romney, 63, but looking somewhat younger than her years, appeared vibrant as she spoke confidently …

Why I liked Rick Santorum’s speech better than Ann Romney’s Daily Caller While the buzz this morning is mostly about Ann Romney’s convention speech, for my money, Sen. Rick Santorum’s remarks were the best of the night.

Ann Romney Speech Steals The Show At Republican Convention (TEXT & VIDEO) Huffington Post The contrast, which took up the last hour of a night in which the GOP showcased its top female and minority leaders, was clearest when Ann Romney and Christie discussed a topic not often spoken of in political speeches.

Ann Romney and Chris Christie Ann Romney was stunning, sweet, full of enthusiasm, a little shy, a little game for the battle. Her speech was fine. I think the headline was that she and Mitt got married young, lived in modest circumstances and struggled a bit while he studied and tried to get a foothold in business. But it was scattered, full of declarations — “Tonight I want to talk to you about love” — that weren’t built upon but abandoned. Strong as the impression of personal beauty is, I think she missed an opportunity.

Juan Williams: Ann Romney ‘a corporate wife’ Politico Fox News contributor Juan Williams took some ribbing from his colleagues Tuesday night after saying Ann Romney looked “like a corporate wife” who hasn’t struggled in her life. “Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann Romney, on the other hand looked to me like a corporate wife,” Williams said, speaking on a panel after the Republican National Convention’s speeches wrapped for the night. “And you know the stories she told about struggle, eh, it’s hard for me to believe. She’s a very rich woman and I know that and America knows that.”

Ann Romney’s RNC Speech: Campaign Reactions Video – ABC Wife of candidate’s well-received delivery a “profound moment” for family.

Ann Romney’s RNC Speech: Campaign Reactions Yahoo! News Watch the video ‘Ann Romney’s RNC Speech: Campaign Reactions’ on Yahoo! News.

Ann Romney Delivers: ‘She May Have Privilege, But She Understands’ WBUR In case you missed it, the theme here in Tampa at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday was: “We Built It.” Intended as a reference to building a business, the three words also suggested another construction project underway — a bridge to female voters. Ann Romney, the wife of presidential nominee Mitt Romney, was obviously the focal point for the strategy. But long before she came on stage for her mission of humanizing her husband, the convention had been shown a parade of women officials and officeholders.

MSNBC’s O’Donnell Rips Ann Romney For Ignoring ‘Struggling’ Women Who …
NewsBusters (blog)  MSNBC ‘s immediate reaction to Ann Romney’s Tuesday night speech at the Republican National Convention was to stick by the left-wing talking point that she can’t relate to ordinary Americans, especially women. Lawrence O’Donnell seconded Rachel Maddow’s claim that Mrs. Romney “has not had most women’s economic experiences,” and went further: “She began her speech…by talking about women’s struggles in this economy and in life that she, actually, in her life, doesn’t know anything about.”

Ann Romney Bain Story In Speech Leaves Out Critical Details Huffington Post …The tale the Romneys are telling, however, is not true. Romney only agreed to run Bain Capital after he had been promised that he could have his old job back if it failed, plus raises he would’ve missed. He was also promised that if it failed, a cover story would be crafted so that he took none of the professional blame.

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