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VP Pick Paul Ryan and women voters, Should We Repeal Women’s Suffrage? (Opinion)

Fox News NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, in her attempt to put Mitt Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan as his running mate in context over the weekend, declared the selection is “not a pick for women.” The comment quickly caught fire on conservative blogs, and the Media Research Center pointed to it as an early sign of the negative coverage the Wisconsin congressman can expect going forward.

The Stir Some women are DOWN with the new Romney/Ryan 2012 ticket while others (me) are scared sh!tless about this conservative duo. This tweet by writer Adam Ellis pretty much sums up how I’m feeling about Paul Ryan.

The Nation (blog) One thing he does not bring: women’s votes. Mitt Romney has been dogged by a problem with female voters, lagging in their support far behind President Obama, particularly among single women.

New York Daily News (blog) We need to start talking about his extreme views on women’s rights and social issues. Ryan may come off as a harmless, smiling congressman primarily concerned with the nation’s debt, but he has voted for some of the most extreme positions on issues

National Review Online (blog) On Saturday, Buzzfeed ran a story by one of its staffers, Amy Odell, titled “Five Things You Need to Know About Paul Ryan’s Stance on Women’s Issues.”

Wall Street Journal (blog) The numbers are clear: Mitt Romney has a problem when it comes to women voters. And as the Obama campaign sees it, his vice presidential pick doesn’t make things any better for him. U.S. Rep Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) adds undeniable energy and conviction

Politico Those comments give Democrats a fresh opening to label the new GOP ticket hostile to women’s rights. President Barack Obama is holding a solid lead among women voters, and Democrats have tried to make gains by accusing the GOP of a “war on women” If you watch mainstream news, it’d be easy to get the idea that Paul Ryan’s biggest asset to the Romney campaign is his good looks, rock-hard abs and other studly traits that supposedly appeal to women. “Way to insult 51 percent of the population by thinking they’re idiots,” Cenk says. “He has an enormous record on voting no, no, no on all the women’s issues.”

U.S. News & World Report In the last two presidential elections, the voting choices of women and Latinos told the story for the Republican candidates. Democrats have a built-in advantage with both of these groups, but President George W. Bush was able to narrow the gap with ..

Salon Lydia Spottswood, the Democratic woman whom Paul Ryan bested in his first-ever political race for Congress in 1998, told Salon today that no one should underestimate Ryan’s skills — or his radicalism.

PolicyMic His Phyllis Schlafly-esque positions will reignite (if they haven’t already) the War on Women. Ryan’s budget proposal looks to end Medicare completely and replace it with vouchers. When John F. Kennedy was running for president, hordes of young women invariably lined his parade routes. Theodore White, the author of the “Making of the President” series of books, observed that the women in the back rows would frantically jump up and down to get a glimpse of the dazzlingly charming candidate….The people who run for president are not unaware of this female tendency. John Kerry, when he ran at the head of the Democratic ticket in 2004, chose John Edwards as his running-mate. I can’t think of any special qualities that Edwards brought to the ticket, except perhaps an ability to appeal visually to giddy, young female voters.

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