Gender and Politics in the media

Women’s Rights and the Dilemma of Arab Spring

Women Candidates For State Legislature Fight To Increase Representation Huffington Post
The 2006 elections saw a record number of women elected to state legislatures. Then, there were 1009 nominees in these same 23 states. In 2010, the year that saw the most women nominees overall, there were 1039 women at this point in the election 

Women’s Rights and the Dilemma of Arab Spring Salem-News.Com One can’t help but notice how vocal many groups have become in the Middle East lately. It is hard not to notice that the Arab Spring has given many groups the courage to come out in public and demand with strength what they believe is right

National Conservative Group Ramps Up Operations in Florida Sunshine State News (blog) On Wednesday, national political group Concerned Women for America (CWA) announced that it would launch a “She Votes 2012” campaign to bring out conservatives to vote in Florida.

Los Altos resident promotes women’s reproductive rights in Nepal Los Altos Town Crier Growing up in Los Altos, Heather Webb came to understand how privileged she was compared to much of the world. Not content merely to observe, she embarked on a personal mission to help those less fortunate.

OSCE launches project to strengthen women’s political participation Public Radio of Armenia The project will support a broad range of activities, including training seminars on best practices in advancing women as leaders, decision makers and candidates; in developing gender sensitive political platforms; in campaigning effectively…

Conservative Media Gets Women’s Civil Rights in Education All Wrong Media Matters for America (blog) Right-wing media have marked the 40 Anniversary of Title IX by attacking equal opportunity efforts for women in the “STEM” fields of science, technology, engineering, or math.

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