Below you’ll find details of recent member research – if you have any publications or research that you would like to advertise, please let us know.


To celebrate International Women’s Day, the editors of Parliamentary Affairs have drawn together recent publications examining the representation of women in parliamentary democracies around the world. All papers are free to access until end June 2014; please click on the links to download.

Women’s Representation around the World: The Importance of Women’s Participation in the Workforce
Daniel Stockemer and Maeve Byrne

Strengthening Women’s Roles in Parliaments
Susan Markham

Cameron’s Problem with Women’: The Reporting and the Reality of Gender-Based Trends in Attitudes to the Conservatives, 2010–2011
Roger Mortimore, Gideon Skinner, and Tomasz Mludzinski

When Is Contagion Not Very Contagious? Dynamics of Women’s Political Representation in Scotland
Meryl Kenny and Fiona Mackay

Are Female Legislators Different? Exploring Sex Differences in German MPs’ Outside Interests
Benny Geys and Karsten Mause

Gendered Candidate Selection and the Representation of Women in Northern Ireland
Neil Matthews

Gender, European Integration and Candidate Recruitment: The European Parliament Elections in the New EU Member States
Cristina Chiva

Towards Parity Democracy? Gender in the 2012 French Legislative Elections
Rainbow Murray.

Attitudes Towards Women in Politics: Gender, Generation and Party Identification in Ireland
Yvonne Galligan and Kathleen Knight

‘Having it All?’ Women MPs and Motherhood in Germany and the UK
Joanna McKay


A new Editor’s Choice collection of International Political Science Review articles on Gender and Political Institutions is now available (Open Access). It includes articles arising from feminist institutionalism – a full list is included below.

Fiona Mackay, Meryl Kenny, and Louise Chappell: ‘
New Institutionalism Through a Gender Lens: Towards a Feminist Institutionalism’ 
Full Text (PDF)

Tahnya Barnett Donaghy
: ‘Applications of Gender Mainstreaming in Australia and Northern Ireland
’ Full Text (PDF)

Katherine Teghtsoonian and Louise Chappell: ‘
The Rise and Decline of Women’s Policy Machinery in British Columbia and New South Wales: A Cautionary Tale’ 
Full Text (PDF)

Marian Sawer: ‘
What makes the substantive representation of women possible in a Westminster parliament? The story of RU486 in Australia’ 
Full Text (PDF)

Johanna Kantola and Judith Squires: ‘
From state feminism to market feminism?’ 
Full Text (PDF)

Farida Jalalzai and Mona Lena Krook
: ‘Beyond Hillary and Benazir: Women’s Political Leadership Worldwide
’ Full Text (PDF)


Human Rights, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in the Commonwealth: Struggles for Decriminalisation and Changeco-edited by Corinne Lennox and Matthew Waites. Published by School of Advanced Study, University of London.

The book is available online or downloaded without charge, or purchased in print. Further information about dissemination events and links to chapter author websites can be found here:

5 Responses to Research

  1. Paul says:

    Dr Evans & Dr Winters

    Through my years of just reading current & past history, antiquity, & news events, It never ceases to amaze me of the obvious. The feminine half of the human race has had to endure the never ending control & anger (& misdirected pride) from a certain masculine portion of the human race. Those of us men who do support women as equal partners, know that nurturing, listening & respecting women & their value is an aspect of human social evolution that should be a given.
    But I know we men haven’t gone far enough to stress it absolutely clear & necessary to those men with violence, control & anger problems with women that this will no longer be tolerated – now or into the future.

    Just basic reading into history points out the subjugation & lack of freedom for women occuring
    over hundreds of centuries. I am at a loss as to why, practically each day during this incredible length of time – & up to the present – there is a war, skimish or fighting somewhere in the world that includes violence, rape & death against women & children. Even during the recent times of
    ‘ civilized society ‘, second-class treatment was the norm, with no property rights & limited ability to be allowed to express opinions, much less vote in certain societies. And no less forced into prostitution, by threat or to somehow support oneself (I understand there was a staggering number of abortions in the 1890s).

    Here in the States, I’ve seen more news recently re the encouragement of women to run for political office – not as political ideology absolutists, but to work together to face mounting problems, compromising reasonably to get things done. (In the 2008 campaign, an elderly man came out from primary voting & muttered to the press ” I think it’s time to let women in there & set
    things right. The men sure can’t do it “).

    Mistreatment & violence century after century. And misguided institutions run by men ignoring women’s basic human rights. Even physicians (up until the last two decades) relying their medical research on the male body alone. And, today, it was reported a girl was beheaded by her father due to her ‘ lifestyle ‘.

    But there are men that will do literally anything to respect, love, nurture & be there for women no matter what the human cost.

    Doing the expected, right things for women will take more time than we’d like.

    But the steps you’re taking encourage those of us that know something must be done in order to have a secure future for women around the world . . .

  2. We would like to sincerely thank you for following Lateral Love Australia. Our primary aim is to get people talking about Lateral Violence to enable contemplation about the opposite which is Lateral Love; to encourage thoughts on how we can all go about instilling this into the lives of our children and loved ones so that they will be able to identify Lateral Violence and Racism when they are confronted by it by having in place some strategies and coping mechanisms to repel these incidents from a position of knowledge and cultural strength. In doing so we hope to encourage and nurture our children and grandchildren, the future leaders of this world away from the deadly depths of despair that we currently face particularly here in Australia within our Aboriginal and Islander communities in regard to child and youth suicide. So once again, thank you! We are humbled by your follow and enriched through your support. Yours in Unity through Lateral Love & Spirit of Care for all Humankind ~ Brian, Nicola and The Lateral Love Team 2012

  3. Hello there,

    With the elections having passed and the ongoing implementation of healthcare reform, women’s access to contraception is all over the news. Setting the politics aside, did you know that many unplanned pregnancies – and abortions – are the result of not using birth control or using it incorrectly?

    Have a look at our recent Everyday Health infogram that uses visualizes a report out of Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis:

    We encourage you to share this on, and would be happy to give you a Follow Friday shout out to our 100,000+ Twitter fans.

    Let me know if you would like me to send over the attachment!


  4. The Savvy Senorita says:

    Hi, I have nominated you for ‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award’. Your site is just that; inspiring and a wealth of information. I enjoy reading your posts and feel you deserve to be recognised as an inspiration. Thanks Bex
    If you are interested in the nomination then please look at the link to my post to explain the rules: Award Nomination For You

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