Gender and Politics in the media

Call for papers — PSA Annual International Conference

PSA Women and Politics Specialist Group
Call for Papers
The 70th PSA Annual International Conference
6 – 8 April 2020
Edinburgh International Conference Centre and Sheraton
Grand Hotel & Spa

PSA at 70: Re-imagining Politics as the PSA turns 70, politics faces multiple uncertainties. The international liberal order is being challenged by new security threats and domestic nationalist resurgences. The nation-state has lost its normative supremacy, facing authority claims from above and below. Established party systems are disintegrating as trust in representative democracy diminishes. Confronted with a climate emergency, traditional policies of growth and consumption are under increased scrutiny. Ours is also a time of democratic institutional innovation, path-breaking constitutional experiments and vibrant bottom-up practices of inclusive decision-making.

Against this backdrop of change, falling back on well-tested theories and practices seems less and less productive. Radical and accelerating transformations call for new ways of understanding, explaining and intervening in the political world.  PSA’s 70th anniversary provides us with a double opportunity: to take stock of these transformations and to re-imagine both the study and practice of politics. Revamping concepts and methodological tools can help us to grapple with multi-layered, highly complex and dynamic political processes. Held in the Scottish capital, itself a site of democratic innovation and mobilisation, the 2020 meeting of the PSA aims to provide a propitious arena for kickstarting processes of re-imagining politics.

The PSA Women and Politics Specialist Group call for whole panel proposals and individual paper submissions that convey the conference theme and explore the journey women and politics has taken over the past 70 years through to our current political climate. We encourage submissions that challenge the stale narrative and expose new voices in this discipline. Further information about the conference can be found at:

Topics of interest for submission include but are not limited to:

Women and Activism Women and International Politics
Women and Political Parties / Representation Women, the Environment and Space
Women and Brexit Women and Security
Women and the Media Women and Social Justice / Human Rights
Women, Sexuality and Political Concerns Women, Feminism and Methodologies
Young women and Politics* Women, Race, Intersectionality and Politics*

*Special collaborative panels

We particularly welcome proposals by early career researchers and presenters from underrepresented groups. Please be reminded that the PSA will not accept all male panel submissions. To submit a panel proposal (4 papers), please send approx. 200 words on the theme and a short description of up to 50 words on the papers included to

*We will try to allocate individual paper submission into panels but cannot guarantee submission. Members are welcome to forward specific panel ideas to be advertised if they don’t have the full number of papers.

Proposal Deadline: Friday 11th October 2019

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