PSA ECN Demystifying and Navigating Early Career Academia – University of Bristol, May 2018

On 1st May 2018, the PSA Early Career Network held a one-day workshop on Demystifying and Navigating Early Career Academia at the University of Bristol. Proudly sponsored by PSA Women and Politics and BSA Race and Ethnicity group, the workshop included talks on REF, TEF, Impact, CVs and Interviews with a particular focus on the experiences of PhD students and early career academics as well as barriers faced by women and people of colour in entering academia. We learned about the important role PhD students and early career researchers had to play in the REF; how a department nurtures the academics of the future in its treatment of doctoral students as key to their REF research environment score. 


Our Diversity in Academia panel included new research on the experiences of women, people of colour and international students in the early stages of their career, emotional, and often undervalued, labour they carry out well as the importance of being in charge of our hours and setting boundaries where necessary. Our keynote Aisha Richards delivered a fantastic talk on the under-representation of black academics in higher education and having academic staff which reflects the diversity of the student body.

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