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Gender and the Independence Referendum, #GE2015, Brexit, and beyond

A report from the latest seminar in the ESRC Seminar Series ‘Feminizing Politics in the UK’ (PI: Sarah Childs, Bristol).

Gender Politics at Edinburgh

How do women engage differently in referenda and elections? And why does this matter? These were some of the questions explored at Feminizing Politics ESRC Seminar in Edinburgh last month on ‘Voice: Women, the Independence Referendum 2015, and the General Election 2015’. Cera Murtagh (University of Edinburgh) reports.


The UK sits at a critical juncture, with the future of the state, its borders and its external relations, far from settled. In 2014, a referendum was held to decide on Scottish independence; in 2017 another will determine whether the UK remains within the European Union. Meanwhile, the 2015 General Election saw some fundamental shifts with implications for the country’s political and constitutional future. The ballot box stands central to these outcomes. And gender matters in that debate.

Elections and referenda in the UK, and what they mean for women, were the agenda of the second seminar in the Economic and Social Research…

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