Gender and Politics in the media

Why you should talk politics on your first date. Gender inequality crucial to winning battle against poverty.

6 Liberal Democrat Leadership Contenders Who Could Replace Nick Clegg Huffington Post Jo Swinson – Business Minister UK With only seven female MPs the Lib Dems have a ‘women problem’ that arguably runs deeper than the Conservative Party’s troubles – Swinson could be the answer to that. If Clegg steps down the 34-year-old business minister will be able to point to experience of government while at the same time presenting a fresh, and young, face to the party and the country. As a Scottish MP, Swinson would also be the only Scottish party leader in Westminster in a post-independence referendum Britain. However just like Cable, Swinson’s age may count against her in reverse – in 2015 she will be only be 35 years old. There is also the small problem of the general election itself. At 2,184, her majority in East Dunbartonshire is not exactly impossible to overturn by her Labour challenger. And of course if Scotland votes to become independent in 2014, it would be politically impossible to stand for the leadership of a UK party.

Meeting at Newstead Miners Welfare of protesting parents and officials who have come to help them with their fight to keep the childcare facility open, pictured left is MP Gloria De Piero and Leonie Mathers Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for Sherwood of the next general election.

Newstead mums talk to Gloria Mansfield Chad A group of mums from Newstead spoke candidly to Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero about their everyday lives as she brought her ‘What Women Want’ tour to a close.

Gloria, the shadow women and equalities minister, was joined by Léonie Mathers, Labour’s Sherwood Parliamentary candidate, at the listening event at the Newstead Centre on Tilford Road on Friday.

Held to mark International Women’s Day, the event gave the women the chance to be as honest, open, brutal and frank as they wanted.

“The views expressed by the women on everything from the threat of closure of their nursery to affordable childcare, unemployment and the cost of living will be fed to the top level of politics with the results presented to Ed Miliband,” said Gloria.

Why you should talk politics on your first date Daily Life 

Remember that classic scene in When Harry Met Sally…, where Meg Ryan’s Sally quizzes Billy Crystal’s Harry about his gender ideology during their first date?

You don’t? Oh yeah, that’s because it never happened.

There’s a good reason that first date conversation never veers close to gender politics. When it comes to dating conventions, the technical term for this topic is ‘boner killer’.

But, based on a recent study published in the Journal of Family Issues, asking your prospective partner about his views on gender equality could save a lot of time and frustration down the track.

Dublin Councillor calls for 50% of seats to go to women in local elections THE FIANNA FÁIL candidate for Dublin in the European elections, Mary Fitzpatrick, has called on Minister Phil Hogan to dedicate half of the seats in the local elections on 23 May to women.

She said the requirements that 30 per cent of candidates in the next general election are female is a “conjuring exercise”.

“In reality we have a de facto male monopoly in Irish politics at present. Less than 16% of our elected representatives in the Oireachtas are female.

Gender equality merits special consideration IPPmedia It is opportune to take stock of the situation with respect to women’s status and gender equality in the world of work.

According to a Statement by the International Labour Organization Director General Guy Ryder (ILO), delivered on the occasion of International Women’s Day, there has been notable progress in the area of national legislation with most countries having incorporated the principles of equality and non-discrimination.

Gender inequality crucial to winning battle against poverty Christian Today Christian Aid has said tackling international gender inequality is essential if the battle against poverty is to be won.

In a new report, written to inform delegates attending the annual United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in New York, Christian Aid urged world leaders to be mindful of gender inequality when drafting the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Men must accept women as equals if development goals are to be achieved The Guardian Men must learn what gender equality means and stop trying to control women’s lives if future development goals are to have any real traction, the head of the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) said on Monday.

Speaking at a side event at the Commission on the Status of Women(CSW) in New YorkBabatunde Osotimehin, the executive director of the UNFPA, said existing power structures are preventing women from exercising their rights, which will undermine the impact of the next set of sustainable development goals.

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