Gender and Politics in the media

UK: Meet the Tory aide who thinks feminists ‘deserve a good slap’. Ire: Dublin Councillor calls for 50% of seats to go to women in local elections


Meet the Tory who thinks feminists ‘deserve a good slap’ Metro It turns out Ukip don’t have a monopoly on embarrassingly unprofessional loudmouths. A Conservative MP’s aide has been forced to quit his job after saying feminists ‘deserve a good slap’.

Stewart Green, the election agent for David Burrowes MP, has stepped aside after a Facebook rant in which he let rip against women who, in his view, use their gender as an excuse for not being very good at politics.

Image: Mark Stedman via Photocall Ireland

Dublin Councillor calls for 50% of seats to go to women in local elections THE FIANNA FÁIL candidate for Dublin in the European elections, Mary Fitzpatrick, has called on Minister Phil Hogan to dedicate half of the seats in the local elections on 23 May to women.

She said the requirements that 30 per cent of candidates in the next general election are female is a “conjuring exercise”.

“In reality we have a de facto male monopoly in Irish politics at present. Less than 16% of our elected representatives in the Oireachtas are female.

Samantha McRae

AWE apprentice met with Nick Clegg Basingstoke Gazette AN APPRENTICE at AWE met with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg in Whitehall at a special reception to mark National Apprenticeship Week.

The event was also designed to support and celebrate women working in the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

Samantha McRae, 21, who has been an apprentice at AWE for more than three years, said: “I felt absolutely honoured to be invited to such an amazing event. I never thought I would be going to something like this.

“The AWE apprenticeship scheme has given me real-life skills and knowledge with the future of a great job.

DUNCAN BARKES: Is the sisterhood taking offence for the sake of it? Chichester Observer Interestingly, it is a Conservative female MP (the country’s sports and equalities minister) who sparked the latest so-called sexism row.

She suggested that British women be encouraged to take up ‘feminine’ sports such as cheerleading and ballet.

You can imagine the screeching outrage from various feminist campaigners, including the Everyday Sexism project which predictably condemned her comments. The MP has since said her remarks were taken out of context.

But does it matter even if this were her belief? She is not suggesting women are incapable of participating in other sports, but rather that there is another possible focus. Where is the harm?

Should there be quotas for women in business and politics? THERE is a big debate in the world of those advocating gender parity and it goes like this.

Most companies and countries around the globe have a dearth of women in leadership roles. Many people agree we should be at 50-50, but they don’t agree on how to get there.

For some, progress has to be ground up, based on governments providing structures that support work-life balance, companies adjusting practices to make it possible for parents to combine work and family, women leaning in, and women in power opening the doors for the next generation of women. They believe any other path to progress will be artificial.

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