Gender and Politics in the media

UK: Cameron to announce tax cuts for lowest-paid. Poll dispels Ukip image as party of disgruntled Tories.

David Cameron to announce tax cuts for lowest-paid The Guardian David Cameron is to claim Tory ownership of an expected increase in the personal tax allowance to more than £10,000 in the budget later this month when he indicates that his government will prioritise tax cuts for the low-paid.

Amid Liberal Democrat fury that the Tories are planning to steal their signature idea, the prime minister will say that “every bit of government waste” cut by ministers and “every efficiency” will be used to cut taxes.

In an attempt to explain the philosophy behind the deficit-reduction plan, Cameron will use his speech in the West Midlands to say that the government’s mission is to ensure that a “greater and greater burden of debt” is not passed to future generations.

Flood expert Mary Dhonau demands more action from David Cameron on flooding Worcester News A FLOOD guru has written an open letter to the Prime Minister about the perils of flooding and has demanded he do more to help victims.

Mary Dhonau, a community flood consultant from Worcester, has toldDavid Cameron lessons must be learnt from the most recent floods which devastated parts of this county. Mr Cameron visited Upton last month when he announced £10 million support plan for flood-hit businesses and grants of up to £5,000 for flood victims.

Poll dispels Ukip image as party of disgruntled Tories Financial Times (Subscription) Ukip is not primarily a party of tweedy Tory colonels in the shires, and David Cameron does not have a particular “problem” with women: these are two …

Open thread: how do we make International Women’s Day 2014 count?  The Guardian With International Women’s Day around the corner I wanted to use this blog to celebrate how far we’d come in the last year. Janet Yellen was made chair of the Federal Reserve Board, the most powerful person in Europe is not David Cameron, whatever he believes, but Angela Merkel and Saudia Arabia’s best known female film-maker was nominated for an Oscar.

Maybe I’ve got the Monday morning blues but somehow these achievements, great though they are, can’t bridge the gap between where we are and where we should be. The plight of Malala Yousafzai highlighted the courage and bravery of women around the world, but also the lack of education, respect and safety they have. It took a seven year old to point out to Lego that girls played with the company’s toys too. And the Everyday Sexism campaign seems to never run out of material. Will any of this ever change?

Full-time work for parents has dried up under David Cameron’s Government Some 646,000 youngsters live in homes where one or both parents are only working part-time – up from 443,000 in 2010 when Cam became Prime Minister. 

The number of children living with parents who cannot find full-time work has soared by nearly half under the Coalition Government, figures reveal.

Some 646,000 youngsters live in homes where one or both parents are only working part-time – up from 443,000 in 2010 when David Cameron became Prime Minister.

The figures from the Office for National Statistics will embarrass the Government, which launched a child poverty strategy last week.

David Cameron wasted money on his well-being programme – we already know what makes us … The Independent …David Cameron’s Big Society idea was to set up a well-being programme at the Office for National Statistics. This has been a total waste of money as it really hasn’t taught us happiness researchers much of anything we didn’t already know.

Here are the basic facts. Women are happier than men. Unemployment makes people unhappy while work makes them happy. Happiness is U-shaped in age and there is a mid-life crisis. Depression is highest in mid-life and people disproportionately take anti-depressants and pain medication in their forties and fifties. Marriage makes people happy. Second marriages are less happy than first marriages and there is adaptation. People get over divorce. Separated people are least happy.  Happiness tends to be broadly flat over time. The educated are happier than the least educated. Money does buy happiness and relative things matter a lot.

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