Gender and Politics in the media

US: Clinton launches data drive on women’s empowerment. Canada Income Splitting: So Divisive It’s Splitting the Tories.

Politics Counts: Why ‘Women’s Issues’ Won’t Bridge the Gender Gap Wall Street Journal (blog) …While much attention has been paid to the split over “women’s issues” such as reproductive rights or the need for Republicans to “learn how to talk women,” the truth is the gender gap runs deep through a range of policy issues. January’s Wall Street Journal/NBC poll shows double-digit divides on topics ranging from Afghanistan and national security to the minimum wage. The list shows how hard it may be to bridge the gap.

The January poll, which asked what issues should be “absolute priorities” for 2014, displayed the gender lines. There were some areas of agreement across all groups on broad topics like reducing the debt and creating jobs, as we noted in a pervious Politics Counts column, but many differences as well.

Clinton launches data drive on women’s empowerment Bradenton Herald WASHINGTON — Hillary Rodham Clinton is launching a new global review of data to analyze the advancement of women and girls around the world since the mid-1990s.

The former secretary of state announced the new partnership at New York University between the Clinton Foundation and the Gates Foundation.

The project will collect and review data on the progress of women since the 1995 United Nations Beijing conference that Clinton addressed as first lady.

The potential 2016 Democratic presidential candidate is starting the project as part of her “No Ceilings” initiative that aims to empower women in the 21st century.

Minnesota bill, if passed, will promote gender equality Guilfordian In the U.S., for every dollar a man makes, a woman makes 77 cents.

Democrats in the Minnesota legislature, led by Speaker of the House Paul Thissen, seek to narrow this gender gap by introducing the Women’s Economic Security Act of 2014.

“(The act) aims to break down barriers to economic progress so that women — and all Minnesotans — have a fair opportunity to succeed,” said Thissen in a press conference on Jan. 30.

Democrats hoping to turn stand on issues like immigration,women’s rights into election wins (AP) …This fall’s elections seem likely to leave Democrats in the House minority, and may rob them of their Senate majority. Republicans hope to gain six net seats to control the Senate.

At a three-day retreat by the Chesapeake Bay, House Democrats struggled to explain this political landscape while also insisting the public supports their agenda on immigration, income, women’s rights and other priorities. Friday pep talks by President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden did little to solve the riddle.

Obama said Congress should act on issues “where the American people are on our side.” He said those include a higher federal minimum wage and “smart immigration policy” that would bring people “out of the shadows.”

INLAND: Gender imbalance grows among elected leaders Press-Enterprise After decades of making strides in public office, fewer women today are filling elected seats than just a few years ago.

Nowhere is the reversal more striking than in Riverside.

Since the November 2013 election, not a single woman sits on the seven-member City Council. In a runoff between a male candidate and a female candidate, the man won.

No woman has sat on the five-member Riverside County Board of Supervisors since 1997.

“Zero percent for City Council and Board of Supervisors is appalling,” said Mary Hughes, who leads Close the Gap California, which is recruiting women community leaders to run for the Legislature in 2014 and 2016.

In USC student government, where are the women? Los Angeles Times

James White hesitated before deciding to run for USC student body president, knowing he’d be a long shot because of his background.

Because he’s black?

“No, not that,” White said, adding that race isn’t the biggest deal in campus presidential elections. “It’s other forms of diversity that aren’t appreciated.”

Rich liberal women prefer conservative men Daily Caller A whopping 76.6 percent of Democrat female millionaires said they “would … “I want to be with a man who is ambitious, liberal men simply aren’t as …

The debt that all women–even conservatives–owe Gloria Steinem Los Angeles Times f you are a woman, Gloria Steinem is like an indispensable computer program, always running in the background of your life. You don’t always remember that she’s there, but without her, your life would be constrained in ways you can hardly imagine.

Run for office? Lead a company? Become an engineer? Go to space? Work free of sexual harassment or live on equal legal footing with your husband? Control your own reproductive fate?

So many of the rights that women enjoy — even the most conservative women — exist because of relentless feminists like Steinem, who, at 79, shows no signs of slowing down.

Liberal-Turned-Conservative Talk Radio Host Excoriates Modern-Day Feminism …Bruce argued that the feminism that is practiced today is quite different from what she called “authentic feminism.”

“Authentic feminism requires all doors to be unlocked, encouraging women to make choices that best suit them. Leftists can have nothing to do with that, working instead to demonize choices women might make that involve family,” she said. “In order to survive, the left must be successful in keeping women away from men, away from family, children, and the larger American experience.”

To fix feminism, Bruce said that young women need to be shown the difference between genuine feminism and leftist politics. Conservatives, too, play a role, as she argued that they should push back and “claim the mantle of feminism.”

In a new video on conservative radio host Dennis Prager’s Prager University titled “Feminism 2.0,” Bruce tackled the ins and outs of the women’s rights movement, further delving into her central thesis that what was once a respectable and vibrant movement has been hijacked by liberals who have taken it far off course.

Pelosi Works to Attract Women to Vote Democrat Women are considered a key demographic for the Democratic Party, … Traditionally, turnout in midterm elections is low, and national Democrats hope …

Representation Project Challenges Gender Stereotypes, Asks Viewers To ‘Rewrite the Story’ Bustle Remember that eye-opening video about how the media failed women in 2013? Well, the organization behind it, The Representation Project, is back …

Reaching the Latina Element Within the ‘Latino Vote’ Latino Post They just think about it in general, but we need to understand the diversity within Latinos, especially within the women’s vote,” Bejarano tells George …

Women voters key to Democrats’ midterm election strategy? | On Air Videos | Fox News Nancy Pelosi touts women’s economic agenda. … Female Olympians showing a lot of skin. Slow-moving avalanche caught on tape churning toward …

Book examines ‘Latino gender gap,’ future of US politics Phys.Org Bejarano says that in 2012 Obama’s margin of support was higher among African American women and Latinas. Those female groups voted for Obama over Mitt Romney by 9 to 11 percentage points more than their male counterparts. White women preferred Obama by 7 points. The disparity between the male and female voters within these groups is a significant political slice. There are marked differences within these sub-sets as well.

“While all of the African American women serving in Congress are Democrats, five of the seven Latinas serving in Congress are Democrats and two are Republicans,” notes Political Parity, a non-partisan group that promotes women in political positions. “And the two women of color who grabbed national headlines in 2010 were Republicans: Susana Martinez of New Mexico and Nikki Haley of South Carolina became the first women of color to win gubernatorial office in the United States.”

This is a dynamic that Bejarano thinks warrants a closer look, both for the political parties that want to make inroads for the purpose of winning elections and for women, and women of color in particular, to use as a roadmap for engaging in the political process.

Backers say Count My Vote will empower women Salt Lake Tribune Replacing party caucuses with primary elections will empower women voters in Utah, advocates of the Count My Vote initiative said Wednesday.


New women’s advocacy group created by province The Alward government has unveiled the makeup of a new independent body designed to address women’s issues. The announcement comes three …

Income Splitting: So Divisive It’s Splitting the Tories REAL Women of Canada is an avowedly conservative women’s movement that has led the charge for family income splitting since at least the mid …

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