Gender and Politics in the media

Fighting for gender equality on Valentine’s Day. Gender Equality In Research. A society at war with women.

Mock women’s parliament gathers forty Solomon Star A total of forty – seven women intending candidates and women leaders from 8 provinces in the Solomon Islands are currently taking part in the Solomon Islands Mock Parliament for women at the National Parliament House in Honiara.

The highlight of the four days program will be the Mock women’s Parliament where these forty – seven women will debate a motion on the current Constituency Development Fund on Thursday the 13th of February 2014 in the National Parliament Chamber.

Aitzaz seeks representation of parliamentarians, minorities,women in Taliban Committee Business Recorder ISLAMABAD: Leader of the Opposition in Senate Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan Tuesday said parliamentarians, minorities, Shia and women should also be given representation in the committee, negotiating with the Taliban.

Taking part in the ongoing debate on law and order in the Senate, he said the strategy of the government was not clear as it seems that Taliban are holding negotiations with Taliban. He urged the government to take a clear stance against the Taliban.

Gender Equality In Research KELOLAND TV SIOUX FALLS, SD If you and your spouse take the same medication, the drug’s reaction could be much different in your body than a person of the opposite sex.

A recent report on “60 Minutes” used the sleep aid Ambien as an example. Researchers found it can be much more potent in women.

From cancer to type one diabetes, Sanford researchers are studying many different diseases. For each trial, they aim to get the same number of male and female participants. Decades ago that wasn’t the case. Clinical trials were made up of mostly men.

Any clinical study now has to go through an institutional review. One of the things considered is gender equality.

“If you don’t have gender balance, you need to explain why. That may be because at that point you already know maybe the drug is going to be metabolized differently or if it’s in women of potentially birthing age, you have to be very careful,” Vice President of Sanford Research David Pearce said.

Fighting for gender equality on Valentine’s Day Channel News Asia Valentine’s Day in the Indian capital will be celebrated as a day of justice for women and girls — into its second year, it is part of a global call for “One Billion Rising” to rise for justice against gender-based violence.

NEW DELHI: The global “One Billion Rising” campaign on Valentine’s Day has gained considerable public support in the Indian capital after the shocking gang rape of a para-medical student that resulted in her death in 2012.

One Billion Rising, or more commonly referred to as “Hundred Crore Rising” in India, is a call to people to participate in flash mobs, seminars, training camps and car rallies to raise awareness about gender violence.

Activist Kamala Bhasin, the South Asian coordinator for the programme, said this campaign is important to India as the present constitution does not guarantee the safety of women in the country.

Gender equality must be enshrined in all post-2015 development goals – UN rights chief UN News Centre 10 February 2014 – The United Nations committee mandated to ensure compliance with the global treaty to end all forms of discrimination against women opened a new session today with a call for gender equality to be fully integrated into the post-2015 agenda.

“We believe there should be a stand-alone goal or goals on equality and non-discrimination that addresses all kinds of discrimination, including discrimination on the basis of sex,” UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay said at the opening of the 57th Session of Committee on the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) being held in Geneva until 28 February.

A society at war with women Business Recorder There are almost as many women as there are men in Pakistan. However, women have an appallingly lower representation in whichever walk of life one looks at. If opinions are polarising, numbers should convince. The findings from the latest Pakistan Demographic and Health Survey (2012-13) paint a bleak quantitative picture of the empowerment of “the other half”.

For a background, the Federal Governments National Institute of Population Studies conducted the PDHS in 2012-13, (earlier done in 1990-91 and 2006-07). It sampled 14,000 households across all rural and urban areas except for those in AJK, FATA and sensitive areas. It aimed to inform policymakers and equip development practitioners with data on fertility, family planning and maternal and child health. …

Women’s Rights in Afghanistan Threatened With New Domestic Violence Law Bustle Many gains for women in Afghanistan — including leaps in education access, political representation, and job creation — are currently in danger of reversal, according to women’s rights experts. Buried in a bill updating Afghanistan’s criminal procedure codeis a provision that would prohibit relatives of an accused person from testifying against them. That means if a woman is beaten by her husband and a relative witnesses the violence, the relative cannot testify in court against the man. Even though the bill passed in Afghanistan’s parliament, it awaits signature by President Hamid Karzai to go into effect as law within weeks.

Since many Afghan women only interact with family members, the law would essentially ban anyone from testifying against a male relative. The bill would also make it possible for men to force their daughters into early marriage and essentially give men a free pass to conduct “honor killings” against women without fear of retribution. Children, doctors, and defense lawyers for the accused are also covered under the ban.

22 women set to contest Saudi council elections Up to 22 women are expected to contest the Saudi municipal council elections in what commentators are saying will “strengthen women empowerment”.

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs is expected to this month announce the new bylaw for municipal councils, which includes provisions to make municipal councils more effective, people-friendly and encourage more women into the sector, the Saudi Gazette reported.

According to the bylaw, there will be separate municipal headquarters for female members, with male and female members to interact only through telecommunications facilities.

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