Gender and Politics in the media

Dressing your daughter in pink ‘damages the future of our economy’. ”What is it that women bring?” Historian Starkey slammed.

Julia Manning: The Conservatives need all-women shortlists now Conservative Home  …When a gender-blind application process is put in place, fairness increases. A Princeton study in 1997 looked at the effect of holding auditions for symphony orchestras with the musicians performing behind a screen so they could be heard but not seen. They found that the success rate of women increased by 50 per cent. However, this sort of gender-blind process is not possible in many sectors.

The subtleties of gender discrimination are compounded by our emotional vulnerability when it comes to what we value. In the calm of the day we seek character, competence and chemistry; in the heat of the moment, in selection and interview meetings, we are persuaded by charisma, charm and blatant competitiveness. Even having a lower-register voice is heard as being more acoustically robust and associated more with authority, regardless of content. The latter ‘qualities’ are far more likely to be exhibited by a man and we forget that gentle, relaxed, softly-spoken people can be super-achievers.

”What is it that women bring?” Historian David Starkey slammed for Question Time comments on … …”What is it that women bring?” he said before listing a number of MPs that ‘don’t bring a miracle’ to the job. “David Cameron has had more people for dinner called Michael than he has women [in his party], can we start a Twitter campaign?” said Jowell.

“This is really exciting, ooh,” quipped Starkey as he flapped and waved his arms on the panel. “What I was saying about women illustrated.” Twitter responded instantly to the comments on the show, comedian Katy Brand posted: “…I just think Starkey’s a joke now so he has no power. Need to save the fury for Cameron and his stinky mates.”

MPs: gender bias ‘putting women off top science jobs’ Women are being put off careers in science because of the pressures of family life combined with “biases” in the workplace, according to MPs. The Commons Science and Technology Committee said that women were significantly under-represented in senior academic posts and high-tech industries.

In a report, the cross-party group revealed that just one-in-eight jobs requiring advanced science, technology, engineering or maths (STEM) skills went to women. MPs said it was “astonishing” that there was such a shortage of female scientists.

Gender-neutral toys: Why dressing your daughter in pink ‘damages the future of our economy’ The Independent Dressing your daughter in pink and buying her ‘girly’ toys damages the future of our economy, a Government minister has said.

Jenny Willott, the Minister for Employment Relations and Consumer Affairs, expressed her opposition to the gender-specific marketing of children’s toys during a Westminster Hall debate led by Labour’s Chi Onwurah, MP for Newcastle upon Tyne Central.

The Liberal Democrat Business minister insisted youngsters should not be made to feel guilty or ashamed for experimenting with different toys, adding boys should feel free to play with a pushchair and girls to kick a football.

She said by limiting our children’s toys, we tell our daughters and sons their gender “defines the roles they will play in society well into the future and defines what dreams they may have”.

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Joanie, spivs and sartorial anarchy Daily Mail David Cameron is said to be finding it hard to appeal to the female electorate — and so it proved at Wednesday night’s Conservative Black & White …

Ed Miliband’s women will do him a fat lot of good (blog) Levels of female representation on the Tory front bench are a disgrace. No ifs, not buts, no excuses. The fact that in 2014 Labour’s leader was able to …

How women have deserted the Tories at the polls New Statesman David Cameron may have insisted that his party does not have a “problem with women” at today’s PMQs (as he stood in front of an entirely male …

Around The House: women in politics ITV News This week the Prime Minister was accused by the Labour leader of ‘failing women’, by not promoting more to senior roles in government.

David Cameron Has ‘Failed Women’ Says Ed Miliband, Pointing To All-Male Government Bench Huffington Post UK Ed Miliband seized on David Cameron’s all-male front bench during prime minister’s questions on Wednesday as evidence the Conservative Party …

PMQs review: Robinson on Cameron, Miliband and women MPs BBC News Nick Robinson said the TV pictures were “pretty devastating” with no Tories on show, while Labour “of course packed its front bench” with women to …

David Cameron’s ‘women problem’ is worse than we thought So when David Cameron said he wanted a third of his government to be women by the next election, many wonder whether he really meant it.

McIntosh denies Tory party has a ‘women problem’ Yorkshire Post But no, I don’t believe that we have a problem with women. … “We certainly have a long way to go, but so do the Labour Party,” said Margot James, the …

David Cameron to plead with Scotland’s voters to say no to independence The Guardian Prime minister David Cameron will use the scene of Team GB’s successs at London 2012 as the backdrop for his warning against Scottish …

PMQs sketch: No women, no cry Were there always so many Labour women sitting beside each other? Weren’t they normally spread out a bit more along the front bench?

Mehdi’s Morning Memo: Jowell Warns Labour Against Left-Wing Turn Huffington Post UK “Labour must not make the mistake of believing British voters have moved to … “Sixwomen line up on Ed Miliband’s front bench yesterday as David …

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