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UK:Westminster’s casual bullying of women shows how out of touch it is. The Rights of French Women.

Rapture, Blister, Burn, Hampstead Theatre: An engrossing tale of … Metro Gwen (Emma Fielding) is a stay-at-home mum. Things aren’t always easy – she’s had to give up drinking and her slacker college dean husband has a porn addiction – but she is satisfied with the compromises she’s made to keep her family together.

However, when her former roommate, childless academic star Catherine (Emilia Fox), comes calling, her desire for change gets the better of her, and the two women decide to make a trade.

There’s plenty of mischievous wit in Gina Gionfriddo’s seductively ambivalent play about the intellectual contortions of contemporary feminism, as once incendiary conflicting theories are debated with supreme mutual tolerance by three generations of women.

Welsh Lib Dems challenged over William Powell warning BBC News The Welsh Conservatives say they want more details from the Lib Dems about the action taken by the party after a complaint of inappropriate behaviour was made against one of its AMs.

Mid and West Wales AM William Powell made an unreserved apology to a female activist after an incident in 2011. The Lib Dems said Mr Powell was given a formal written warning last year. But the Conservatives want clarification about whether it has satisfied the person who came forward. It has emerged Mr Powell had been given a formal written warning by his party.

David Cameron offers Worcestershire MP new job Worcester News – A WORCESTERSHIRE MP has been handed a new job by David Cameron – to help build better links with Russia.

Harriett Baldwin has been appointed Britain’s trade envoy to Russia by the Prime Minister after three years of work trying to bring the countries closer together.

Mr Cameron’s office called Mrs Baldwin towards the end of last week to offer her the role, before the premier announced it during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Come on Miriam, of course Nick Clegg is influenced by you – Come on Miriam, of course Nick Clegg is influenced by you. … So, like most women, I greeted news that Miriam González Durántez had put the thumb …

Nick Clegg’s wife Miriam Gonzalez: ‘Some people at top schools are … Daily Mail As a boy Nick Clegg attended £30,000-a-year Westminster School, one of the most prestigious in the country.

But his wife Miriam Gonzalez is unimpressed, revealing many people who go to the country’s top schools are ‘unimpressive’ and some are ‘absolutely hopeless’.

In a rare interview, she insisted that success does not depend on having wealthy and bright parents or an expensive education but on effort and determination.

Menzies Campbell and Lord Rennard applaud former leader of the Liberal Democrats, Charles Kennedy in 2006. Photo: Bruno Vincent/Getty.

Westminster’s casual bullying of women shows how out of touch it is … New Statesman Lord Rennard isn’t saying sorry. The Liberal Democrat peer, who has been accused of multiple incidents of sexual harassment, could have saved a lot of fuss if he had just apologised to the women involved in his case – but he shan’t and he won’t, so he has been suspended. Rennard joins a dispiriting roll-call of powerful male politicians who have thrown public tantrums after being called to account for sexist behaviour.

You’d think that admitting wrongdoing and moving on might be a relatively easy task for any boy over the age of eight. When it comes to allegations of assault, harassment and rape, however, even the most respected professional men start acting like toddlers – screaming and lashing out, destroying every precious structure within reach and blaming the uppity women for making them do it. The Rennard case fits this pattern: some Lib Dem loyalists have claimed that the furore might “destroy” the party. Forgive me for paying attention to opinion polls, but in ten years’ time, when political historians are dusting off the gravestone of the Liberal Democrat party, I doubt it will read “killed by feminism”.

Welsh Labour baroness wants network of ‘ambassadors’ across … WalesOnline Veteran Welsh Labour peer Baroness Anita Gale hopes a new “grassroots movement” in her party will ensure that more women win seats in the Assembly and Westminster.

The former general secretary of the party in Wales has joined forces with Cardiff North Labour AM Julie Morgan to push forward a “charter for women” intended to shift attitudes.

Ms Gale claims that only 13 women MPs have been elected in Wales since 1918 compared to 258 men. Adamant that action is required to ensure better female representation, she states that Cynon Valley MP Ann Clwyd and Bridgend MP Madeleine Moon are the only Welsh women MPs who were selected on an open list to a “safe” seat that Labour held at the time of the election.

While 40% of AMs are female – down from 50% in 2003 – just 23% of MPs and peers are women.

Reshaping trust in Europe with women’s vision EurActiv Women make up half the world’s population. Do they not have a right to half the representation, half the space and half the share of voices on all political issues? The deficit of women represented in European politics is obvious and, most of all, counterproductive, writes Véronique Morali.

Véronique Morali is the president of the Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society. She is the president of Fimalac Development, vice-chairman of Fitch Group and the chairman of Webedia AlloCiné.

Tomorrow, the Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society will convene a special meeting at the European Parliament to discuss how to re-create trust in Europe. Europe today is in crisis; we all know this. That crisis goes far beyond the very significant financial difficulties that our banking systems have been facing since 2007. It involves the need to recreate a sense of community and empowerment for collective action on a range of important social issues. This is a crisis of trust — a failure of public confidence in Europe’s own institutions and leadership.

The Rights of French Women New York Times The French National Assembly’s approval on Jan. 22 of an amendment that frees women seeking an abortion during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy from having to justify their decision is a refreshing step forward for reproductive rights. The bill deletes language from a 1975 law that gave women the right to an abortion within 12 weeks if the pregnancy caused “distress.”

France’s minister for women’s rights, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, said that in light of the Spanish government’s proposal to severely limit abortion, it was more important than ever for France to reject any presumed moral justification for depriving women of the freedom to manage their own bodies.

The amendment is part of a gender-equality bill that is the most comprehensive legislation on women’s rights in the history of France. The bill seeks to give women parity with men by improving wages, strengthening laws against domestic violence and providing for equal representation in politics.

EHRC to examine female representation on boards The Times (subscription) The Equality and Human Rights Commission will investigate the under-representation of women on corporate boards because progress has “stuttered out”.

The EHRC, which polices gender discrimination under a government mandate, will review ministers’ work and gather evidence from board nomination committees and executive search firms later this year.

Maria Miller, the Minister for Women, said in November that “we don’t want more government diktat”, as she ruled out legislating to bring in quotas for female representation on boards.

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