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UK: Mothers are ‘worth less’ to employers in the City than men, says Nigel Farage. Parity democracy for Europe.

Women who have children are ‘worth less’ to big City firms Daily Mail Mothers are ‘worth less’ to employers in the City than men, Nigel Farage claimed today.

The Ukip leader suggested women who take time off to have children are paid less because they lose contact with their client base and struggle to succeed when they return to work.

But he insisted there is no sex discrimination in financial services because childless women do ‘as well or better than men’.

…Speaking during an event in the City today, Mr Farage rejected the idea that the City is still an ‘old boys’ although he admitted that in the 1980s it was a ‘deeply sexist place’.

But he insisted the culture had changed and women could be successful – provided they did not have children

Rebecca Blake lends support to Labour’s new campaign Redditch Advertiser LABOURS’S Parliamentary Candidate for Redditch Rebecca Blake recently lent her support to Labour’s new campaign Cost of Cameron.

Ms Blake was joined by Redditch Council leader Bill Hartnett and Labour’s Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities Gloria de Piero in Church Green as one of a number of events happening throughout the UK.

Labour claim that the coalition government, led by David Cameron, has left people worse off each year because they say wages aren’t keeping pace with prices, as bills rise but salaries stagnate.

Ms Blake said: “Mums are telling me that they are giving up work because child care costs are too high. Parents in Redditch want affordable, accessible, quality childcare. And, that’s what the next Labour Government will give them.

Parity democracy for Europe InCyprus “Parity Democracy for Europe: No Modern European Democracy without Gender Equality” is the title of a new project coordinated by the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies to promote active democratic citizenship and parity democracy in Europe.

The project is organised in partnership with the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) which is based in Brussels, the Women Employment Information Centre in Lithuania, the Forum 50% in the Czech Republic and the Romanian Women’s Lobby.

EU and Afghanistan: Mission accomplished, women abandoned? BRUSSELS – UK Prime Minister David Cameron may feel that his country’s Afghanistan mission is “accomplished,” but Afghan women paint a much bleaker picture.

Despite 12 years of armed conflict, investment and capacity-building by foreign governments in Afghanistan, including by European Union governments and the EU itself, women’s rights remain in peril.

Violence against women and forced marriage are rife, while high-profile female government officials and civil society activists face threats and attacks by the resilient Taliban insurgency.

All too often, the government appears unable or unwilling to bring to justice the perpetrators of these crimes. Worse, in the last year Afghan government officials have themselves attacked some of the most basic legal safeguards for women.

3 thoughts on “UK: Mothers are ‘worth less’ to employers in the City than men, says Nigel Farage. Parity democracy for Europe.”

  1. My thoughts are he knows nothing about working in Finance. He doesn’t work in finance. He also has such a one sided narrative that he doesn’t realize husbands are staying at home to take care of kids as finance pays well and MEN WANT PART TIME HOURS TOO because the notion of spending time with their children is a good thing. It’s 2014. This guy should stop talking out his behind. Seriously.

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