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UK: Curran accuses SNP of using women as ‘political pawns’. Women delaying motherhood is ‘worrying issue’, says Prof Dame Sally Davies

Engagement: Margaret Curran accused the SNP of using women as ‘political pawns’.

Curran says women want ‘straight and honest debate’ on… Shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran has said women do not want “false promises and empty chat-up lines” in the independence debate.

The Labour MP is expected to tell an audience of party activists that women are being overlooked in the constitutional debate.

She accused the SNP of failing to engage women in the debate, instead using them as “political pawns” in a “game for independence”.

Drawing on research from the Law Society of Scotland, Ms Curran said only 49% of women feel informed about the issues.

“We’re being viewed as political pawns in the SNP’s game for independence, rather than people who have a decision to make,” she said.

Women delaying motherhood is ‘worrying issue’, says Chief Medical … Professor Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer for Englandsaid she was concerned about the “steady shift” towards women choosing to postpone starting a family until their late 30s and early 40s, reducing their chance of conception, and increasing their medical risks.

“The steady shift to have children later, there are issues with that. We all assume we can have children later but actually we may not be able to,” Prof Dame Sally told a group of health practitioners on Thursday.

She also expressed concern that “many more women” are “choosing not to have children”.

Her comments come as the current levels of childlessness among British women in their 40s have reached levels not seen since the 1960s – when tens of thousands of women who missed out on motherhood because of the war reached middle age.

Sally Davies warned the number of women choosing to have … Daily Mail The country’s chief  medical officer has warned that the number of women who are choosing to have children later in life is a ‘worrying issue’.

Professor Dame Sally Davies said that trying to start a family in their late 30s and early 40s would reduce women’s chance of conception and could increase the medical risks.

She went on to say: ‘The steady shift to have children later, there are issues with that. We all assume we can have children later but actually we may not be able to.’

She also expressed concern that ‘many more women’ are choosing not to have children.

MPs vote on development bill to tackle gender inequality The Guardian MPs are poised to vote on a private members’ bill that would place a statutory obligation on the UK government to consider the impact of its overseas aid spending on reducing gender inequality.

Campaigners are confident the international development (gender equality) bill, proposed by Conservative MP for Stone, Bill Cash, and supported by the international development secretary, Justine Greening, will on Friday be voted through to its final stage in the House of Commons and proceed to the House of Lords for consideration.

Why Margaret Owen, the UK Women activist, is dazzled by Abdullah … OpEdNews In a recent article, Dicle News Agency reporter Ararat Aras interviewed Margaret Owen, the renowned British human-rights lawyer and activist, after her return from an 8-day solidarity trip to Syrian Kurdistan (Rojava). Owen shared her experiences and insights with the reporter, while also affirming the system of democratic, autonomous governance now under development in Rojava, which she cited as a possible model for the entire region. She also called for the PKK to be removed from state terrorist watch-lists and for serious engagement on the part of Western governments with Kurdish groups in the region. Owen is one of the organizers of the ‘Peace for Kurdistan’ campaign and her activist work has been particularly informed by struggles around women’s issues.

Clegg pressured over sex claim peer Belfast Telegraph Former Liberal Democrat chief executive Lord Rennard should not rejoin the party’s group in the House of Lords unless he apologises to female activists over claims of sexual harassment, Nick Clegg has said.

Internal party disciplinary proceedings against the peer were dropped after a QC investigating them decided they could not be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

But Alistair Webster QC recommended that Lord Rennard should apologise and change his behaviour, and Mr Clegg believes that, until he says sorry, it would not be appropriate for him to rejoin the party’s group in the Lords.

At last, sex education is going to reflect dangers of online porn and … At last, scream it from the roof tops, the Government has finally decided to do something about the woeful state of sex education in the UK.

On Wednesday the Department for Education revealed it had enlisted a group of experts to draft new teaching guidance to help schools teach pupils about the dangers of online porn, sexting and violence against women.

The fresh guidance will be emailed directly to school head teachers who will be able to use it alongside existing guidance to help teach meaningful sex education fit for the 21st century.

The move comes after Telegraph Wonder Women has beencampaigning for David Cameron to use a group of experts to update sex educationafter NSPCC research showed four in 10 teenagers now ‘sext’ and one in three glean information about sex and relationships from online, including pornography. The current teaching guidance was first published in 2000 and practically predates the internet as we know it, leaving teachers with no help at all on how to tackle these areas in class.

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