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UK: Women call for Rennard’s removal from LibDems. AWS to succeed Blackburn MP Jack Straw. Study: Parental leave policies best promote gender equity, well-being.

How Beyonce’s essay on equality has made feminism relevant again Yahoo omg! UK Beyoncé‘s essay calling for gender equality and better opportunities for women has received a mixed reception since it was published yesterday. Some have praised her for speaking up while others have criticised her and said she should stick to shaking her booty.

Beyonce turns feminist stereotypes on their head

She might not be Germaine Greer but she is capable of a lot more than shaking her backside, and those who have hit out at her for the essay have obviously not followed her journey for the past 14 years.

For some feminism is a dirty word that conjures up images of butch men-hating women who think of nothing more than hacking off the testicles of every man in a ten mile radius. However the reality is something very different.

Women’s rights group called the game sexist and damaging to self … Daily Mail (blog) A Twitter campaign against a children’s plastic surgery game that tells players that liposuction makes people ‘slim and beautiful’ forced Apple to remove the app from its platform last night.

More than 4,000 Twitter users rallied behind a women’s rights group that called the app sexist and damaging to young women’s self esteem.

The app, which could be downloaded from Apple iTunes, instructs children as young as nine to perform plastic surgery on the image of a woman who has ‘so much extra weight that no diet can help her’.

Parental leave policies best promote gender equity and well-being … Medical Xpress Government policies that allow both parents to take time off after a child is born provide positive benefits for the physical and mental health of women, according to a literature review that looked at the influence of public policies on women’s overall health.

The findings were published today in the journal Epidemiologic Reviews.

Parental leave policies tended to reduce the physical and mental stress levels in women who, historically, held the majority of the burden childcare and household responsibilities, said Dr. Patricia O’Campo, director of the Centre for Research on Inner City Health of St. Michael’s Hospital.

“By having implemented that require both parents to share , responsibilities like household and childcare duties tended to be more equally distributed between parents,” said Dr. O’Campo, a social epidemiologist. “This support had a positive impact on women’s in particular.”

All women shortlist to succeed Blackburn MP Jack Straw BBC News The Labour candidate replacing Jack Straw in Blackburn at the next general election will be a woman.

Mr Straw, 67, who was elected to Parliament in 1979 is standing down at the next general election.

The Labour Party’s national executive agreed an all-women shortlist for the seat at a meeting earlier after a consultation period with local party members.

Mr Straw’s agent Phil Riley said the decision was “no real surprise”.

Mr Riley said the party has kept up its promises of promoting women.

Labour candidate for Blackburn is set to be a woman Lancashire Telegraph BLACKBURN’S Labour candidate at next year’s general election will be a woman.

The party’s national executive yesterday chose an all-female shortlist for the seat held by Jack Straw with a majority of 9,856 at the 2010 general election.

It makes Blackburn with Darwen council leader Kate Hollern early favourite to win Labour’s nomination for the May vote.

However, it’s bad news for her council colleague and Mr Straw’s constituency secretary Damian Talbot, plus Burnley-born former Dewsbury MP Shahid Malik.

Labour will pick St Helens MP candidate from all woman shortlist St Helens Star THE Labour candidate for the next general election will be selected from an all woman shortlist following a ruling by the party’s national executive.

It is understood the decision went against the wishes of the local Constituency Labour Party which had said they would have preferred the candidate for St Helens South and Whiston to have been chosen from an open selection process.

With the town traditionally being such a strong Labour seat, it is likely that St Helens will get its first woman MP, who will take the seat currently occupied by Shaun Woodward in 2015.

Women call for Rennard’s removal from Lib Dems Herald Scotland Two of the women at the centre of sexual harassment claims against a Liberal Democrat peer have demanded he be kicked out of the party.

Nick Clegg’s former special adviser Bridget Harris, who was among the women, also announced she was quitting the the party after Lord Rennard was told he would not face disciplinary action over the allegations.

Another, former Aberdeen councillor Alison Smith, called for the former LibDem chief executive to be barred from taking his old roles within the party.

The calls came as the LibDem leader was accused of taking the “coward’s way out” over the allegations.

He moved yesterday to say that Lord Rennard would play no role in his party’s 2015 election campaign.

But the peer is expected to help shape their’s next manifesto as part of its Federal Policy Committee (FPC).

Mr Clegg also called on Lord Rennard to apologise to the women involved.

Lord Rennard will not apologise to female Lib Dems, adviser says Lord Rennard will not apologise to the women who accused him of sexually harassing them, his friend and adviser Lord Carlile has said.

Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats have been accused of “cowardice” by alleged victims of Lord Rennard after the peer was cleared of sexually harassing female party activists.

The former chief executive of the party claimed that he will resume his “old roles” despite senior Liberal Democrats saying they are “not content” with the findings.

An independent review commissioned by the Liberal Democrats said that despite “credible” evidence that he “violated” the personal space of women, it was not enough to prove that he sexually harassed them

The findings, which have been accepted by the Lib Dem leadership, mean Lord Rennard can immediately resume his role on the party body that ultimately oversees the party’s policy.

Clegg: I can’t force Rennard to apologise ITV News Speaking on his weekly radio show on LBC, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has told listeners it is “a matter of deep regret” that Lord Rennard has not apologised for his behaviour.

He said: “I want [Lord Rennard] to do the decent thing as recommended as the QC. At the end of the day, there are somethings I can’t do as leader.

“We have something called due process. He’s not going to play a role in my General Election campaign next year, I have made that very clear. At the end of the day because of the standard of proof we have in our rules I think it is important he apologises.”

Should Lord Rennard apologise? ‘No’ says advisor Channel 4 News Lord Rennard’s friend and advisor Lord Carlile tells Channel 4 News that the Liberal Democrat peer will not apologise to women he was accused of sexually harassing.

Lord Carlile, who was Lord Rennard’s legal advisor throughout the disciplinary process, responded to Cathy Newman’s question asking whether he will apologise saying “No, and why should he”.

He said Chris Rennard should not have to make any apology until he had been allowed to see the report of Alistair Webster QC, who had reviewed if a charge under Lib Dem disciplinary procedures should be brought.

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has ruled out Lord Rennard making a political comeback.

Despite a decision by Alistair Webster QC not to pursue a disciplinary hearing into the allegations, the deputy prime minister said on Wednesday that the former party chief executive would play no role in the 2015 election campaign.

First female union chief: ‘Jobs market is bias against all women from … Frances O’Grady, 54, is the first female general secretary of the TUC. And boy, doesn’t she know it. Ever since news of her appointment broke in July 2012, there’s barely been a newspaper article or column inch about her since that doesn’t mention it.

Looking decidedly feminine in a pillarbox red dress and high heels, O’Grady rolls her eyes and laughs. “There was one point where it did get a bit much,” she recalls. “It probably says as much about the rest of the world catching up with how the trade union movement has changed, as it does about the importance of having a woman running the TUC,” she says.

Gloria De Piero MP visited West Notts College to talk to students on her What Women Want Tour

MP goes on tour to hear womens’ views Hucknall Today Ashfield’s very own shadow spokesperson for women, MP Gloria De Piero, is holding a series of special listening events to find out what women want.

The MP held her first event last week where she met with students from West Nottinghamshire College.

After taking up her new role in the shadow cabinet at the end of last year, Gloria has pledged to meet with different groups of women from across Nottinghamshire and talk candidly about some of the issues that matter most to them.

On 10th January the MP met with students enrolled on hair and beauty courses at West Nottinghamshire College.

Part of her, What Women Want Tour, she will also be meeting with expectant mums, Muslim women, dancers, high flying city workers and women footballers over the coming weeks to find out what issues motivate them and whether they feel politics connects with them and their lives.

WINDD Event to Educate, Inspire Women to Lead in Dedham An open forum will be held Tuesday night for female residents in Dedham who have an interest in taking part in local government.

The event, scheduled for 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Endicott Estate, is sponsored by Women in Democracy-Dedham (WINDD), and will feature Assistant Town Administrator Nancy Baker as the guest speaker. Baker will provide an overview of town government, including the different departments, boards and elected positions, and explain how they work together and opportunities for getting involved.

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