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UK: Tory Peer Says ‘Feminism Slightly Ludicrous’. UK to ‘lead the charge’ to promote equality for women. MP hopeful opposes all-female shortlists for candidates.

Cameron hails 2014 His Year For Women: what a relief David Cameron strolled into the committee room yesterday looking tanned, polished and rather dapper. He had been summoned to answer questions from the home affairs select committee about women and energy – both razor hot topics, especially for a PM with a ‘woman problem’. François Hollande, the French president, allegedly has all sorts of other women problems going on right now, but unlike Mr Cameron, he’s rather perversely enjoying a bounce in popularity with Gallic female voters.

The questions began immediately. Would the PM set out to eliminate violence against women, or would he accept yet another percentage target? Just as Mr Cameron opened his mouth to get down to business – the parliamentary bells rang. Alas dear, reader, it was time for a vote.

David Cameron wants better sex education without a headache The dangers of sexting and cyber-bullying should be taught to children in school sex education lessons, David Cameron has said

The Prime Minister also signalled that current sex education guidance, which is 14 years old and predates the internet as we know it, should be updated to reflect the digital era.

Speaking at a select committee on violence against women on Tuesday evening, Mr Cameron said: “I think we can do better in terms of sex and relationship education.

“We must focus on healthy relationships, and I think we can add onto the guidance that’s produced, better guidance on, for instance, problems of cyber-bullying, sexting – we need to deal with that.”

UK will ‘lead the charge’ to promote equality for women, pledges … Evening Standard Britain will “absolutely lead the charge” to promote equality for women around the world during 2014, Prime Minister David Cameron has said.

Mr Cameron said the UK would use the “moral authority” which it has gained by meeting the United Nations aid target of 0.7% of national income to push for progress on issues ranging from sexual violence to women’s property rights and female genital mutilation.

The Prime Minister co-chaired a UN High-Level Panel on development priorities for the years after 2015, which last year named gender equality and the empowerment of women as one of the 12 key goals which the international community should pursue.

Why this student is still fighting university chiefs on ‘unlawful’ gender … At the end of last year something rare happened. David Cameron actually had a direct impact.

I am not trying to sound facetious when I write that – but increasingly it is becoming a rarity that when Mr Cameron, you know our premier, says something – that it actually happens.

A brilliant piece by Rachel Sylvester in The Times a couple of weeks ago summarised this shift of power away from our leaders excellently.

Personally I had no idea that we lived in a country where the Prime Minister could back a call for change, as he did with the Telegraph Wonder Women’s Better Sex Education campaign, and then…. nothing. No change comes because, in this instance, Michael Gove, the stubborn and short-sighted Education Secretary, refuses to listen to his political leader, aka his boss.

Lord Hurd’s comments have prompted angry reaction from Gloria de Piero

Tory Peer Says ‘Feminism Slightly Ludicrous’ Sky News Former Tory cabinet member and peer Lord Hurd has said that pushing equality for women in politics was becoming “slightly ludicrous”.

Lord Hurd, who served under Britain’s only female prime minister, warned that feminism was in danger of tipping the balance too far.

And he dismissed the idea of all-women shortlists for Parliamentary constituencies saying that they were “deeply undemocratic”.

Speaking at an event on political leadership organised by the polling firm Ipsos-Mori on Tuesday, Lord Hurd said: “I think, therefore, the danger of feminism, the danger of constantly putting near the top of agenda that there ought to be more women and more women in this and that sphere of our life, is that you balance over and you become slightly ludicrous.”

No disciplinary hearing for Lord Rennard Channel 4 News (blog) The Lib Dems will not be pursuing a disciplinary hearing into Lord Rennard, despite Nick Clegg declaring that his party had let down women for two decades.

Alistair Webster QC had been carrying out inquiries for several months into allegations – first reported on Channel 4 News – that the senior Lib Dem peer had abused his power by behaving inappropriately towards women.

But last night a party committee was told that a full-scale hearing wasn’t justified.

There Is A Danger This Feminism Thing Is Getting A Bit ‘Ludicrous … Huffington Post UK There is a “ludicrous” obsession with ensuring there is equal representation of men and woman in parliament and other areas of public life, a former Conservative cabinet minister has said.

Lord Hurd, who served as home secretary and foreign secretary under Margaret Thatcher and Sir John Major, also said if voters did not like having a “good looking chap from a public school” as prime minister they would stop choosing them.

The Tory peer was speaking on Tuesday evening as part of a panel on political leadership in central London organised by polling firm Ipsos-MORI.

Lib Dems to decide Lord Rennard’s fate Channel 4 News (blog) I’m not sure what the collective noun for a group of Liberal Democrat … a panel of three women and one man will mount a full disciplinary hearing.

Labour NEC: No women-only Aberdeen North shortlist Scotland on Sunday LABOUR’s ruling UK body has voted against making the selection for one of the party’s safest Westminster seats in Scotland an all-women shortlist.

The decision by the party’s UK national executive committee (NEC) means Labour MSP Richard Baker, who is reported to have expressed an interest in Aberdeen North, will be free to seek selection in the constituency as a potential MP.

Scotland on Sunday revealed this week that North East MSP Baker, a director of anti-independence campaign Better Together, was considering leaving Holyrood for Westminster.

MP hopeful opposes all-female shortlists for candidates Worcester News THE Conservative parliamentary candidate for Mid-Worcestershire has stepped into the controversy over a lack of women in the Commons and has rejected calls for all-female shortlists.

Nigel Huddleston, an executive at Google, told your Worcester News the best solution was to make MPs’ jobs more attractive to women.

Sir Peter Luff is retiring in 2015, and Mr Huddleston, who is moving to Worcestershire within weeks, won a hard-fought selection battle in December.

Prime Minister David Cameron is known to be irritated about a lack of women breaking through as parliamentary candidates.

All women shortlist to succeed Blackburn MP Jack Straw BBC News The Labour candidate replacing Jack Straw in Blackburn at the next general election will be a woman.

Mr Straw, 67, who was elected to Parliament in 1979 is standing down at the next general election.

The Labour Party’s national executive agreed an all-women shortlist for the seat at a meeting earlier after a consultation period with local party members.

Mr Straw’s agent Phil Riley said the decision was “no real surprise”.

Mr Riley said the party has kept up its promises of promoting women.

Labour’s Stephen Kinnock in the running for Aberavon candidacy The Guardian Stephen Kinnock, the son of the former Labour leader Neil Kinnock and husband of the Danish prime minister, has had his path cleared to stand as the Labour candidate for Aberavon.

A Labour sub-committee on Tuesday agreed that Aberavon should be one of two Welsh seats in which both men and women can stand for the Labour candidacy. Five seats were agreed as women-only shortlists.

Kinnock will now have to persuade the local Aberavon party that he is the right candidate for Labour and that he can represent the seat and balance his working life with a partner holding what might be described as a demanding job in Denmark.

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