Gender and Politics in the media

Lost leaders–Women in the global academy. The battle of the Tory women. Cameron having girl problems. What York Uni forgot: Gender equality is not negotiable.

The battle of the Tory women: Farcical scenes after ‘invalid’ vote to …The Independent David Cameron’s hopes of boosting the number of female Conservative MPs at the next election was undermined last night amid farcical scenes over the selection of a woman candidate in a safe Tory seat.

Lucy Frazer, a barrister, was “reaffirmed” as Conservative candidate for South East Cambridgeshire on Friday despite claims that she had been beaten in an open primary by another woman, Heidi Allen, last month.

Despite calls for the local party to rerun the vote, the South East Cambridgeshire Conservative association voted to “reaffirm” Ms Frazer as their candidate. Her Labour opponent claimed it would always be suspected Mrs Frazer was the “second-choice” candidate for the constituency. The decision to appoint her also undermines the legitimacy of the open primary process, which Mr Cameron has held up as an example of his party’s effort to rebuild trust in politics.

David Cameron having girl problems as Government slammed for … The Government is failing to give women top jobs in its departments – despite PM David Cameron ordering firms to tackle inequality.

The Tory leader urged private companies to ensure at least a quarter of directors are female by 2015.

But so far even Mr Cameron’s own Government offices are way off, with eight out of 19 failing to hit the one-in-four target.

The Ministry of Defence has no women in charge and females only outnumber men on the boards of two Whitehall departments, Labour figures show.

The findings pile pressure on Mr Cameron, whose Cabinet is made up of just four women and 23 men.

Indian-origin student takes on UK universities on gender segregation NDTV London:  An Indian-origin student at Cambridge University has challenged a move by British universities to allow “voluntary” gender segregation at Muslim meetings on campuses across the country.

Radha Bhatt has demanded in a legal letter that Universities UK (UUK), which represents all vice-chancellors in the United Kingdom, admit that a guidance on segregation, it published last November, was “unlawful”.

What York University forgot: Gender equality is not negotiable The Globe and Mail Should religious belief justify gender segregation in university classrooms? According to Professor J. Paul Grayson of York University and his colleagues at the sociology department, the answer is unequivocally ‘no’. His superiors, however, disagree, seeing no harm in allowing a male student to be exempt from interacting with female students in Prof. Grayson’s class. While the student backed down when Prof. Grayson refused to accommodate his request, the issue is by no means settled, as the university administration has not rescinded its directive to accommodate such an exemption.


Religious rights controversy will spread across Canada, PQ minister …The Globe and Mail The controversy over religious accommodation is spilling across Quebec’s borders, Parti Québécois Minister Bernard Drainville says, warning that a fractious debate lies ahead.

Mr. Drainville said the rest of Canada will have to address the issue of religious accommodation and seek solutions similar to those Quebec wants to apply. He predicted the country’s multiculturalism policies could be called into question.


Lost leaders – Women in the global academy University World News Women have never been better represented in higher education than they are today. Globally, female students outnumber male students in two out of every three countries, according to data reported to UNESCO, while the number of women enrolled in tertiary institutions has grown almost twice as fast as that of men since 1970.

Gender equality legislation, socio-economic and de-traditionalisation factors have all played a part in this welcome trend, yet so far they appear to have had relatively little impact on opportunities for women to reach senior management and academic leadership positions in the sector.

My paper, “Lost Leaders: Women in the global academy”, presented at the 2013 Society for Research into Higher Education conference, as part of the Centre for Higher Education and Equity Research, or CHEER, symposium “Performing Difference in the Global Academy”, examined the reasons behind women’s absence from research and leadership roles in higher education.

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