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2 housewives raped for voting. Study: Men have more depressive symptoms when partner receives higher salary. World daughters’ day celebrated.

Gender equality undermines the morale of the men Racers Republic According to a Belgian study, men have more depressive symptoms when their partner works full time and receives a higher salary than them.

It is not a bad Belgian joke, but a very serious study by the University of Ghent (Flanders) from 1054 heterosexual couples aged 18 to 65 years. According to its findings, some men whose wives have a higher salary than they live very poorly this situation.

Household too leaden moral men
Indeed, according to this work, “in two-income households, the fact that women working full time can cause more agitation and poorer mental health among its partner, and the more so if the woman receives a higher man ‘salary, says Professor in Sociology at the University of Ghent, Bracke Piety in the Belgian media.

Moreover, this gloom a bit sexist, is also visible in other situations of family life. These men showed more depressive symptoms when they ensured the majority of household chores in the home. And unfortunately for you ladies, this finding was not observed among women doing more housework than their companions.

Two housewives raped for voting The Daily Star Criminals raped two Hindu homemakers at gun point in front of their families for voting in the January 5 elections.

The incident took place at Hazrail Rishipara of Monirampur upazila in Jessore, just two days after the attack on Hindus at Malopara in Abhaynagar of the district on the election day.

Criminals, wearing masks, stormed two Hindu homes late Tuesday night and early Wednesday. They tied up the men and children before violating the women.

Yesterday, the victims filed two cases with Monirampur Police Station against seven to eight unidentified men.

World daughters’ day celebrated Times of India LUDHIANA: Gender equality NGO Yug Parivartan along with Sambhav joined hands and came forward to celebrate World Daughter’s Day today, which they said was equivalent to celebrating ‘dhiyaan di lohri’. The event at held at Guru Nanak Bhawan.

“This is the second year of the celebration and we look forward to many more such years. And this celebration was actually started by a friend and me after we heard his daughter ask about Lohri celebrations for girls. We just decided that we should have a separate function especially for young girls and women who have contributed towards the society”, said Ajay Deep Singh, convener of the NGO.

Acid attack survivor seeks women’s safety Times of India RANCHI: At an interaction programme with Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi in Bangalore, Dhanbad acid attack survivor Sonali Mukherjee has sought political representation of women with disability. The programme was arranged by the Gandhi scion on Saturday to seek direct feedback from youth for the Congress manifesto, ahead of the 2014 general election.

Mukherjee, whose face was permanently disfigured in the acid attack vouched for women’s safety. “The government should work for women’s safety and make sure that the perpetrators of the attack get death penalty. The case should also be disposed of within a year because fast disposal of such cases would create a fear among the anti socials,” said Mukherjee talking to TOI over phone from Bangalore.

Women Will Decide Poll Outcome The New Indian Express Going by the electoral rolls released on Thursday, the democratic onus of voting in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, will, to a large extent, fall on the shoulders of women and first-time voters as far as Chennai is concerned. The number of women voters in the city has been consistently higher than that of men and this year has seen a sharp increase in the number of women electors.

According to the special summary revision report released by the District Election Officer, the number of voters enrolling to cast their ballots has increased sharply with the elections drawing closer. A huge chunk of the increase can be attributed to  women and first-timers. As per the summary revision, a total of 1,27,403 women have enrolled and it has taken their numbers to 18,22,461 in 16 constituencies, accounting for 51 per cent of the vote share. With the exception of Harbour, Virugambakkam and Velachery, all other constituencies have more women voters than men.

Gender issues gaining ground Sun.Star WOMEN’S historical development the world over has pointed to a consistently growing awareness among the so-called second choice in whatever undertaking.

It has been written in historical accounts that prior to the coming of the Spanish conquest earlier in the 17th century, our sisters were in command, were leaders in the community and were playing crucial roles in governance.

Such powers, however, had been stripped away from us when the dark forces brought about by foreign “male chauvinism” in the form of patriarchy forcibly grabbed the leadership and literally threw away what had been the women’s legacy for centuries.

Such barbaric display of brute power had temporarily stalled the women’s progress but not for long, as our own ancestors (according to stories passed down from generations by word of mouth) would attest.

JCCI election outcome — women fail to make a mark Arab News Saudi women, who have been striving hard to make their presence felt in various fields including business, have failed to seize the opportunity offered to them in the just-concluded election to the board of directors of the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI), putting up a pathetic show.

None of the eight women candidates who were in the fray managed to touch even the three-figure mark, leave alone winning a spot in the board. And they have their own kinfolk to blame as the voting trend suggests. Call it a failure of election strategy or banking on non-existent support, the woman candidates drew a blank, but they immediately raised the pitch for representation on the board as was done in the past.

Limits of Tunisia gender equality: Women rights in theory but not in …Middle East Online For Nadia Mali, with her daily drudgery of being a working mother of six with an unemployed husband, advances in gender equality approved by Tunisia’s parliament this week offer little cause for cheer.

“There is no equality of the sexes in Tunisia. There are women exhausted by their work which is the sole means of supporting their children,” she sighs, as she gathers the green clay and gloves she uses at the hammam, or Turkish bath, where she works.

The 50-year-old breadwinner, whose family lives in the poor Ariana suburb of the capital, struggles to appreciate the extensive rights and freedoms that Tunisian women have theoretically enjoyed since independence, compared with the rest of the Arab world.

Women Cabinet Ministers’ Role in Gender Equality There has been some impressive progress in some countries in increasing the number of women cabinet ministers, but how do these women act once they get into their new posts? Chiedo shares her research findings on the topic.

THE political landscape in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) is changing. The gendered composition of cabinets, which are the preeminent policy-making arm of government in the region has and continues to shift.

For reasons of democratic justice and equity, amongst others, equal access to political office between men and women ought to be established but a nagging question remains: Do women cabinet members pursue legislative and policy priorities that promote women’s interests (what academics have called “substantive representation”)?

Matriarchs’ Duel for Power Threatens to Tilt Bangladesh Off Balance New York Times DHAKA, Bangladesh — Two ladies eyed each other from their elegant residences in Dhaka, the Bangladeshi capital, last week, each waiting to see whether the other would blink.

The former prime minister, stern-faced and imperious as a medieval queen, received visitors in a creamy white sitting room as a servant brought pastries. She had spent the week under de facto house arrest, blockaded behind the police and five large trucks loaded with sand, but seemed unruffled.

“Many times I was under house arrest,” she said flatly. “Many times I was in jail.”

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