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UK: Lib Dem blasts UKIP approach as sexist. US Senate shows us how diversity works.

Ireland, woman and 2013: A year we dealt with our legacy issues? ‘WOMEN’S ISSUES’ IS not at term that should be used often. At best, it is largely inaccurate. At worst, well, it doesn’t really mean anything.

Ireland has been dealing with a number of ‘human rights’ issues over the past 12 months, just many of them happen to have women at their centre.

But that does not mean that those matters only impact female citizens.

Ireland does not have a great track record in terms of rights for women, children and other vulnerable residents. And during the past 12 months, it has admitted that in various ways.

Lib Dem Euro-MP Chris Davies

Lib Dem blasts UKIP approach as sexist St Helens Star NORTH West Lib Dem Euro-MP Chris Davies has blasted UKIP for its sexist approach to Nick Clegg’s proposals to update the system of parental leave.

Currently fathers have less right to parental leave than mothers and under Clegg’s proposals, both parents would have the right to share parental leave.

UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall has claimed that “men and women are inherently different” and that “caring for babies comes much more instinctively to women” in condemning the new proposals.

Senate women to watch in 2014 Los Angeles Times Capitol Hill — and especially the Senate — was once an old boys’ club. Not anymore. Women now make up one-fifth of the Senate. And they’re making their presence felt.

In December, Washington Sen. Patty Murray was the Democrats’ standard-bearer in quiet, behind-the-scenes talks that loudly made news. Murray, the Senate Budget Committee chairwoman, and Wisconsin Republican Rep. Paul D. Ryan worked out a “breakthrough $85-billion bipartisan accord,” wrote The Times. “The modest deal represents an achievement in this divided Congress.”

But Murray was not the only woman to get something done in rancorous D.C. “Women now chair or sit as ranking members of 10 of the Senate’s 20 committees and are responsible for passing the vast majority of legislation this year, whether it be the budget, the transportation bill, the farm bill, the Water Resources Development Act or the Violence Against Women Act,” according to Time magazine.

Casey Statement on Senate Passage of National Defense … (press release) Dec 28,2013 – Casey Statement on Senate Passage of National Defense Authorization Act

Washington, DC- U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) released the following statement on the Senate passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA):

“I am pleased the Congress was able to get together in a bipartisan manner and pass the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This marks the 53rd year in a row that we have passed this bill which supports our servicemembers and authorizes critical national security programs. I am pleased that several of the provisions which I authored and strongly supported were included in this bill, such as security for Afghan women and girls, efforts to combat sexual assault in the military and reducing the VA backlog.”

Lean In stories: Laura Bush on confronting tragedy with kindness Chicago Tribune Every woman experiences moments when her life irrevocably changes. One of mine occurred during a two-mile trip across Washington D.C. on the morning of September 11, 2001. When I got in my car at the White House, a plane had just hit the World Trade Center. By the time I reached the U.S. Capitol a second plane was striking and we were a nation at war. Our world would never be the same.

What could I do? I had come to the Capitol to brief a Senate committee on early childhood education, and as a mother and a trained educator, I quickly saw how I might help. In front of the press with Senator Ted Kennedy and Senator Judd Gregg, I took this press question, “Mrs. Bush — is there a message you could tell to the nation’s children?” And I answered, “Parents need to reassure their children everywhere in our country that they are safe.”

Are conservative women happier than liberal …

“Know Your Role And Shut Your Mouth”: How Conservative Media … Media Matters for America

Fox Contributor Erick Erickson: “I Understand That Some Women Believe They Can Have It All, And That’s The Crux Of The Problem.” On the May 30 edition of his WSB radio program The Erick Erickson Show, Fox contributor Erickson expressed his views on female breadwinners:

ERICKSON: [T]he subset of children who are raised in a two-parent, nuclear, heterosexual household, children where the father is the one who is the leader of the family, or the breadwinner of the family, however you want to say it, tend to out-perform those where the mother is the primary provider of the family outside of the home. Those are the facts. All I have done is point them out.


I understand the reality that some moms are single moms not by their choice. And I understand that some women believe they can have it all, and that’s the crux of the problem. I have to tell you, as a man, where women are told that men have so many more advantages in society, we can’t have it all. Women, you can’t have it all either. Life is a series of compromises and choices. [WSB, The Erick Erickson Show, 5/30/13]

The US Senate shows us how diversity works New Hampshire Business Review As the government shutdown lurched into its second week, and federal employees nervously wondered when they might see their next paychecks, leadership was desperately needed.

Finally, in the Senate, one side declared that enough was enough. One side decided they would be the adults in the chamber. One side took the steps that, within weeks, would end the stalemate and get the federal government going again.

No, we’re not talking about the Democrats. Or the Republicans. We’re talking about the women.

Kathleen Parker: GOP needs to recruit more women St. Augustine Record Make a woman laugh, Marilyn Monroe supposedly said, and you can make her do anything. Judging from the women who fell for him, Woody Allen learned this early. Alas, he is the least likely role model for Republican males.

As Republican leaders recently began tutoring their male candidates on “How to Talk to a Lady” (my title), it was tempting to imagine what wisdom was being imparted, such as: “Steer clear of ‘legitimate rape.’”

The absence of transparency leads to speculation and mockery. The idea that men should get coaching on how to talk to women so as not to offend them is 1950s prep school-ish.

Protect these women Regina Leader-Post The Supreme Court of Canada’s decision to strike down the nation’s prostitution laws is a sad and disappointing one. It doesn’t just open the door to even greater exploitation of women who are already marginalized and suffering, it swings the door wide open and invites all and sundry who wish to further abuse them to walk right on in.

What is perhaps most shocking is the naivete the judges have displayed in their ruling. They criticize the law against living off the avails by saying that in its effort to target “pimps and the parasitic, exploitative conduct in which they engage,” the law also wrongly applies to “legitimate drivers, managers or bodyguards,” as well as anyone “involved in business with a prostitute, such as accountants or receptionists.”

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