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Why I spoke out about my sexual assault: Sen. Gretchen Whitmer. House Dem Women Lawmakers Push for Unemployment

Two women running for top state offices isn’t unusual, though a … PolitiFact The chairman of the Texas Democratic Party declared in a December email blast soliciting contributions that the Texas party is making history.

“This is the first time in Texas history — and only the fourth time in United States history — that two women are running for the top spots,” Gilberto Hinojosa said.

He was referring to the Democratic state senators who have filed to run in 2014 for governor (Wendy Davis of Fort Worth) and lieutenant governor (Leticia Van de Putte of San Antonio).

The History of Hillary-Bashing Daily Beast While Hillary Clinton has made clear that she won’t decide whether she wants to pursue the presidency in 2016 until next year, Republicans have decided they already are going to make her a top target. Reince Priebus, the Republican National Committee Chairman, has promised this month to go after the “rough stuff” about Clinton in an ad campaign that will be “very aggressive.” The Republicans are promising a shotgun approach; just shoot out things like the “a botched health care roll out in the ’90s and Benghazi,” and hope something hits.

This isn’t the first time that Republicans have tried to nasty attacks against Hillary. That tradition stretches back to 1992, when Republicans decided to go after her with a series of sexist attacks that continued into her husband’s administration.

Did you know? Iowa Democratic women undefeated in statewide … (blog) It’s well known and frequently remarked on that Iowa has never elected a woman as governor or to any federal office. Despite that lack of ultimate success, however, female candidates for federal and statewide office in Iowa are actually undefeated in Democratic primaries dating back to 1988 – a fact that may be weighing on the minds of candidates for three high-profile races in 2014.

Democrats Prepare to Wage War for Women Governors in 2014 Wall St. Cheat Sheet In numbers of elected women, Democrats are outnumbered by Republicans in one category: female governors. Currently, there are four female Republican governors — Jan Brewer (Ariz.), Susana Martinez (N.M.), Mary Fallin (Okla.), and Nikki Haley (S.C.). Democrats have Maggie Hassan (N.H.).

But the Democrats are looking to change that in 2014, when there will be 36 governor’s races to watch. So far, there are at least nine races with Democratic women running. Republicans are running six candidates in the gubernatorial races. Democrats have the edge when it comes to support from women. Haley told the Associated Press that Republicans need to first ”show the fact there is no war on women.” The “war on women,” is not a talking point reserved for governor’s races, but one used across the Democratic party.

Gretchen Whitmer (Credit: David Olds)

Why I spoke out about my sexual assault: Sen. Gretchen Whitmer … Salon Capping off a year of far-right state abortion bills, this month the Michigan Legislature banned private insurance plans from covering abortion, leaving women to seek separate riders for abortion coverage – what critics derided as “rape insurance.” While an identical bill was vetoed last year by Michigan’s Republican governor (he said it “went too far”), this one was offered through an “initiative petition” and thus didn’t need Snyder’s signature.

In a pre-vote Senate speech blasting the bill, state Sen. Gretchen Whitmer shared her own story for the first time: “Over 20 years ago I was a victim of rape. And thank God it didn’t result in a pregnancy. Because I can’t imagine going through what I went through and then having to consider what to do about an unwanted pregnancy from an attacker.”

House Democratic Women Lawmakers Push for Unemployment … Accounting Today A group of female House Democrats is urging Speaker of the House John Boehner, R-Ohio, to allow a vote on extending federal unemployment insurance to help 1.3 million long-term unemployed workers facing the expiration of the Emergency Unemployment Compensation program on December 28.

Congress recessed without passing an extension of the program, leaving more than a million people worried this holiday season about how they will provide for their families. In addition to the 1.3 million who will lose their benefits on December 28, an estimated 1.9 million more long-term unemployed workers and their families will lose access to this aid by July 1, 2014.

Trouble with rural women’s shelters Washington Observer Reporter The following is the first in a three-part series looking at the issues faced by domestic violence victims, survivors and social workers in rural Western Pennsylvania. This first installment focuses on problems created by location, law enforcement and finances.

Alexis’ boyfriend traded her body as payment for his drug habit. He hit her, threw things at her, bit her and berated her. He threatened to kill himself in front of her. He said he needed her. He played on her insecurities and always came back with an apology.

Rather than pay for his drugs, Alexis’ partner arranged for his drug dealer to be alone with her in her home one night, at which time he coerced her into sex. Alexis, who did not want her true identity used, had no idea of this arrangement until afterward.

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