Gender and Politics in the media

Girl, 6, asks Cameron to take action over foodbanks. Toys R Us’ Stockholm superstore goes gender-neutral.

Champion of women’s rights Halifax Evening Courier A former Halifax High head girl travelled to the Houses of Parliament armed with a microphone to interview global politicians about issues affecting women.

Nazmeen Amin, a development advocate for charity Restless Development, interviewed 80 international delegates on gender equality, women empowerment and violence against women in an International Parliamentary conference on the Post-2015 Development Agenda

Earlier this year, Nazmeen, 21, of Halifax, volunteered with Nepali girls and women for three months with youth-led charity Restless Development. Seeing the difficulties these women faced in trying to access education, led her to become a development advocate for the charity she represented in London.

At the conference Burundi MP Hon.Sen. Glorise Hakizimana told the former head girl that many young Burundi girls are lead astray from further education because their families see career advancement as unimportant for women.

Girl, six, asks Prime Minister to take action over foodbanks This is The West Country A member of the Celtic League has written to the Prime Minister on behalf of his six-year-old daughter for the second time in two years.

Rhisiart Tal-e-bot first’s letter to David Cameron in 2011 asking him to “do something about people in our community who could not afford to eat and were forced to use a food bank,” failed to provoke a response.

Blogpost: “Jobs for the girls” in Thurrock Labour? YOURTHUROCK “I posted a “blog” on 18th August, 2013 about “positive discrimination, particularly with regard to the practice within the Labour Party, nationally and locally, for women only shortlists when selecting candidates for parliament or local government.

I repeat part of what I said then. “Take a look at the photograph that accompanies the article and you may recognise the faces of women who are councillors as a result of “positive” discrimination, that is to say women only candidates are allowed to be considered for selection, a process which also applied to the selection of Polly Billington as the Labour Party Parliamentary candidate for Thurrock.

Lagarde discusses breaking the glass ceiling – Video … Video on IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde talks about the progress …


Nerf guns for guys and gals. The gender-neutral concept in games and toys is slowly but surely taking root everywhere. – Filepic

Toys R Us’ Stockholm superstore goes gender-neutral The Star Online With more parents advocating gender equality, toy retailers are making an effort to move with the times.

IN a huge Toys R Us warehouse on the Kungens Kurva retail estate in south-west Stockholm, cute and cuddly rubs shoulders with cool and crazy – closer in layout to the jumble of a child’s bedroom than a normal store.

In Sweden’s largest toy store, play kitchens stand opposite train sets; baby strollers are piled beside a stack of toy guns; My Little Pony stares at swords and ninja costumes; princess dresses brush up against firefighter outfits. Even the Barbie house – that last redoubt of the candy-pink – is under pressure from a Lego display.

“Children are not coded to blue for boys and pink for girls – they should be free to choose what they want to play with,” said Jan Nyberg, sales director in Sweden for Top-Toy, which owns the franchise for Toys R Us in Nordic countries. Top-Toy is the largest toy retailer in northern Europe.

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