Promoting Gender Equality at the European Research Council.

Promoting Gender Equality at the European Research Council Under the ERC’s gender equality plan, for instance, peer-review panels should be at least 40% comprised of the “underrepresented gender.”.

European Banker of Year Shows Why She’s Lonely at Top Bloomberg The Nordic country consistently ranks at the top in its efforts to stamp out sex bias, according to the United Nation’s Gender Inequality Index. About 45 …

The discourse of denial on gender equality Cyprus Mail ON THE long journey towards gender equality, I cannot help but ask are we there yet? And, if we are on this road together who is responsible for …

All of us benefit when women’s rights are upheld The Guardian We are active across the globe and more than 50 cents in every Australian aid dollar supports women or promotes gender equality. I want to see …

UNESCO Workshop on mainstreaming gender in Education in Accra GhanaWeb A four day workshop to pilot the UNESCO guide for mainstream gender equality in Teacher Education Institutions in underway at the Mensvic Grand …

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The UK Political Studies Association Women and Politics Specialist Group. Resource for researchers working on women and/or gender and for women in the PSA. The 2014 Specialist Group of the Year.
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