75 % of US women pessimistic on gender equality. GOP should worry that unmarried women shun them.

Learning to talk ‘women speak’ Press Herald Republican congressmen are being trained to address women as if they were their wives and daughters. Perhaps women should respond in kind?

…Stop and consider: Maybe the reason the GOP has been so inexpressibly deaf to the wants and needs of women constituents over the past few decades is because we have been attempting to address them as co-workers and colleagues and doctors and bosses and neighbors and friends. When all along, we should have been talking to them in the manner of wives and daughters.

Sure, you may balk initially, at the idea of having to importune your own elected representative the way Gloria and Edith once cajoled Archie Bunker. But there are real lessons here, my sisters. And we should learn them and employ them. If we can master the basic skills required in order to Talk to Your Republican Congressman, we may finally be heard on Capitol Hill.

Early start to TV ads war in midterm elections Boston Globe (Subscription) ‘Republicans in general know they have a large problem with women. They’re trying to address that.’ Ty Matsdorf, campaign director for Senate Majority PAC, …

New Fed chief will be one of world’s most powerful women The Spokesman Review 15, 2013 in Nation/World on Page A1 As soon as this week, a quiet economist could become one of the most powerful women in the world. The U.S. Senate is …

Republicans should worry that unmarried women shun them The Economist …Like boffins squabbling about quantum physics, some political types wonder whether “unmarried women” amount to a discrete voter block at all, or whether the label merely sweeps up various left-leaning slices of the electorate: ie, younger voters, poorer ones, more secular Americans and non-whites. That would be no more than an interesting metaphysical question, but for three big and inter-related developments.

First, unmarried women are one of America’s fastest-growing groups, leaping from 45m in 2000 to around 53m today—making them, in theory, a larger block of eligible voters than blacks and Hispanics put together (though in reality the groups overlap).

Second, Democrats—notably the Obama crowd—have found ways to map the electorate with unprecedented precision, using everything from polls and doorstep canvassing to commercial consumer databases. In the Dark Ages (ie, before 2008), campaigns might have blanketed majority-black city blocks or mostly-Democratic neighbourhoods with appeals to register and vote, while saturating the airwaves with paid advertising. That wasted time and money on those who always vote anyway, those who never vote, and those who (gasp) might vote Republican. Now the talk is of target “universes”: focusing resources on those who need just a nudge to come out and vote the right way.

Pay gap closing, but U.S. women see limits to gender equality StarPhoenix Those women remain as pessimistic as their mothers and grandmothers regarding gender equalityin the workplace, the report released this week by the Pew …

US women concerned with equality questions Malaysia Sun A new study from pew Research Center has found 75 percent of women remain as pessimistic as their mothers and grandmothers regarding gender equality in …

Women in the right places Bismarck Tribune This week in Detroit, Mary Barra took over General Motors. In Washington, Senator Patty Murray made headlines when she worked out a deal with Rep.

Air Force Gets Second Female Secretary National Journal Deborah Lee James is one of the few women to serve as the senior civilian … The Air Force has its 23rd secretary after the Senate confirmed Deborah Lee …

Women Still Remarkably Underrepresented as Federal Judges … Cosmopolitan Yesterday the Senate confirmed three women — Elizabeth Wolford (Western District of NY), Landya McCafferty (District of New Hampshire) and Susan Watters …

Pelosi: GOP ‘disrespects’ womenThe Hill (blog) Republicans in Congress have a general “disrespect” for women that’s reflected in their legislative agenda, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi charged Friday, …

FOX News Guest Says Women Need Husbands … liberal-agenda.com Over the weekend, Suzanne Venker, columnist on FOX News and niece of famous anti …

Are the Harper Conservatives Joking When They Claim to be …Huffington Post Canada In case you missed it, the Harper Conservatives claim that they have “done more for women and girls across Canada than any other government.” The actual …


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