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UK: Women MPs ‘Face Sexist Gestures’ In The Commons. Men will pocket almost all of Cameron’s marriage tax break.


David Cameron facing backlash from female voters over tax break David Cameron faces a backlash from women voters after figures show that men will pocket almost all of his marriage tax break.

An analysis has found only 15% of women will benefit from the £200 a year bonus announced by George Osborne last week. Under the policy, which comes into force in 2015, the lower-earning partner will be able to transfer up to £1,000 of their un-used tax allowance to the other.

But the scheme will boost men’s pay packets more because they are more likely to be the higher earner or in full-time work. To qualify both partners must be basic-rate taxpayers. According to the study by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) for the Women’s Budget Group this means only 31% of married couples will get any benefit.

Cohabiting couples and those in civil partnerships are already exempt.

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Women MPs ‘Face Sexist Gestures’ In The Commons Huffington Post UK Tory MPs have been accused of making sexist gestures to female opponents while they are speaking in the House of Commons.

Labour MP Sarah Champion said some Conservatives were responsible for “utterly appalling” attempts to degrade women during debates.

She claimed it was an “insidious” part of the culture in Westminster which was overlooked.

The Rotherham MP told BBC Radio Sheffield: “Some Tories are very good at gesticulating about females’ assets.”

Asked by presenter Rony Robinson whether she was referring to hand gestures and remarks about her “bum and breasts” she said: “Yes … I think it is utterly appalling, it’s deliberately trying to degrade people, it’s sexist and people ought to be pulled for it.”

She said it was “awful” and “really bad” but was unaware if Labour MPs did the same to female Tory MPs.

She said: “I don’t know because I’m on the bench looking forward, but the Tories definitely do it to Labour women.”

Ms Champion said she had to “pretty much ignore it” because responding would mean “you end up in a slagging match which I don’t think is helpful”.

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