Gender and Politics in the media

A libertarian man’s surprising proposal: Gender quotas! Yellen set to become one of world’s most powerful women.

Women Power – Gender Bloc in Liberia Converge to Discuss … Catharine Flomo, age 42, was just sixteen when she became pregnant for an elderly man her family engaged her to in Gbarnga City, Bong County.

Nine months later, little did she know that pains and frustration would soon become an impediment to her life. She lost her new-born baby in the delivery hall at the hands of traditional midwives in central Liberia.

Mrs. Flomo recalls: “It was so sad and painful. I was not even mature enough to know my way out. My parents kept pushing me on the wall to get another child without even considering the difficulties I was going through. But I thank God things are changing gradually and that’s why we have decided to spread the message to many women out there that are facing the same circumstances.”

‘Women Aren’t Aware of Their Rights’ at Work Wall Street Journal (blog) Sheila Sri Prakash is regarded as the first woman to set up an architectural firm in India.  She is the founder and chief architect of SHILPA, Architects, Planners and Designers Ltd.  which she set up in 1979, and has been named  one of the Top 100 most influential architects in the world, by the Italian Journal of Architecture – Il Giornale dell’Architettura.

Ms. Prakash developed what she calls “The Reciprocity Wave movement” which uses art to create awareness about social and ecological issues across the world.

Why is David Cameron using his daughter as a political prop at … OK, I admit it: I’m confused. David Cameron, rightly in my view, repeatedly asks the media not to photograph his children. And then he goes and uses a family photo featuring his cute three-year-old Florence as his official Christmas card. So where does that leave the newspaper picture editors?

If I was being cynical I’d suggest it’s a pitch for women to vote for someone who manages to fulfil his duties as a loving dad despite having a country to run. And in the Prime Minister’s defence, whenever he talks about his family, he comes across as genuinely besotted with them, and trying to do his best in the most difficult of the two jobs he has – being a father.

(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite) ( J. Scott Applewhite )

As Fed chief, Janet Yellen set to become one of world’s most … San Jose Mercury News As soon as this week, a quiet Bay Area economist could become one of the most powerful women in the world.

The U.S. Senate is expected to approve President Barack Obama’s nomination of Janet Yellen to chair the Federal Reserve System, the nation’s central bank. Yellen, who spent decades teaching at UC Berkeley and six years running the Fed’s San Francisco region, would be the first woman in the post — which holds vast sway over the global economy.

“She’s overqualified, which is hard to say for a position like that,” said economist Carl Shapiro, a longtime colleague of Yellen’s at Cal. Shapiro, like others, praises her knowledge, experience, savvy and temperament.

Indian capital elects only three women to its parliament Reuters AlertNet NEW DELHI (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Only three women won seats in … The IPU ranks India 108th in the world in terms of women’s representation in …

A libertarian man’s surprising proposal: Gender quotas! Salon If the proposal does pass, it could radically restructure the gender dynamics in the Montana legislature and rally the nation to increase women’s representation in …

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