Gender and Politics in the media

UK: Labour Party calls UKIP MEP comments ‘“catalogue of UKIP misogyny”. US: NRSC targets female voters with Black Friday hit .

Row over Eastern region women and ambition comments East Anglian Daily Times Labour has launched an attack on Norfolk farmer and UK Independence Party MEP Stuart Agnew after he claimed women did not have the ambition to get right to the top if they had a baby.

Mr Agnew said there was “gender balancing” in the education system and women were getting the jobs in the workplace, but added: “For various reasons they do not have the ambition to go right to the top because something gets in the way. It is called a baby.”

He added during the debate: “I have never had a baby, but I understand that if you do have a baby it can change your life and it changes your ambitions. So the route is there. Those females who really want to get to the top will do so.”

The Eastern region Labour Party said the remarks “took Britain back to the 1950s”, describing the it as part of a “catalogue of UKIP misogyny”.

Falkirk claims councillor loses selection battle Herald Scotland A LABOUR councillor who helped raise the alarm about alleged membership irregularities in Falkirk has been blocked from trying to stand as a Westminster candidate in the seat.

Linda Gow, who had also called for the party’s internal report into the scandal to be published, has been kept off Labour’s all-women shortlist in the constituency.

Labour’s selection process in Falkirk has been dogged by claims the Unite union packed the constituency with new members to help its favoured candidate Karie Murphy, who works for former party deputy chairman Tom Watson. It was also alleged some of the sign-ups had been recruited without their consent.

The other original candidates were digital communications worker Gregor Poynton, and Ms Gow, a Falkirk councillor who helped bring the claims to the attention of the party.

NRSC targets female voters with Black Friday hit The Hill (blog) The National Republican Senatorial Committee is hitting vulnerable Democrats and Democratic candidates with a new Black Friday-themed ad campaign focused on ObamaCare.

The ads, first reported by ABC News, will target Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) and Sen. Mark Begich (D-Alaska), and Democratic candidates Rep. Bruce Braley, running for Iowa’s open Senate seat, Rep. Gary Peters, running for Michigan’s open Senate seat, and Michelle Nunn, running for Georgia’s open Senate seat.

Republican volunteers will put flyers on cars outside shopping centers, fashioned after sale advertisements that feature facts about ObamaCare’s impact in each state.

Dems hope women-led ticket helps win the suburbs
San Marcos Mercury
State Sen. Leticia Van de Putte’s announcement on Saturday that she is running for lieutenant governor, adding a second woman to a ticket led by state Sen. Wendy Davis, is enhancing Texas Democrats’ hopes that they could see their first statewide victory since 1994.

The Democrats are pinning their strategy, in part, on women, particularly those in the suburbs, who early polling numbers suggest might not have their minds made up, and could be persuaded by the summer’s divisive debate over abortion legislation.

“What we know from the outcome of this summer is that women were paying attention and women were watching,” Van de Putte said. “It wasn’t just about that bill. It wasn’t just about health care. It was about not being valued.”

But Republicans say they are holding fast to this demographic, which has trended conservative in past elections.

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