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Clegg: Working mothers feel “shoved aside” in workplace. Cameron turning Tories into ‘nasty party’, says Yvette Cooper.

Nick Clegg: Working mothers feel “shoved aside” in the workplace Businesses must “dramatically change” working practices to prevent mothers feeling “shoved aside” when returning to work, deputy prime minister Nick Clegg, has said.

Clegg’s comments come as a study published today, by website Mumsnet revealed 60% of women felt less employable since having a child and 75% said it was harder to progress in their career.

The study of more than 1,000 users of the parenting site called for line managers to be more supportive during a mother’s pregnancy and when returning to work.

“It is sadly still far too common for women to feel shoved aside at work because they’ve decided to have children,” said Clegg. “Aside from the obvious unfairness, it’s also bad for our economy, which means everybody ends up losing out.”
Feel less employable: Research has revealed that three quarters of mothers found that their careers stalled after having children.

Mothers feel ‘shoved aside’ in the workplace: Three-quarters thought …
Daily Mail
Mothers feel ‘shoved aside’ in the workplace, Nick Clegg has said, as a survey found three quarters thought their careers had stalled since having children.

The Deputy Prime Minister warned the whole economy missed out when mothers returning from maternity leave were side-lined.

The Liberal Democrats have pushed for the Coalition to adopt a shared parental leave policy, allowing fathers to take some of the later months of leave from the mother to care for children.

But a Mumsnet survey found that 60 per cent of mothers felt less employable since having a child.
Three quarters said it was harder to progress in their career.

During pregnancy, nearly half (47 per cent) said they were made to feel guilty while one in four (26 per cent) felt their job was under threat.

David Cameron turning Tories into ‘nasty party’, says Yvette Cooper The Guardian David Cameron has sanctioned a return of the Tories as the nasty party, smearing Labour over its links with the Co-operative movement, Yvette Cooper, the shadow home secretary has claimed as she denied the party was in financial trouble due to the possible withdrawal of Co-op Bank funding.

The former chancellor Alistair Darling also expressed fears about the independence of the inquiry announced by the chancellor, George Osborne, into how the Co-op Bank created £1.5bn hole in its balance sheet.

He said he feared the inquiry will take for ever and a day.

David Cameron Will Not Back Ban On The Sun’s Page 3 Despite … Huffington Post UK The Prime Minister, who has been vocal in his support of a campaign to ban online pornography, has reiterated his stance on opposing a ban on Page 3, suggesting there is a difference between newspapers and the Internet.

Speaking on BBC’s Radio 4, Cameron argued that parents could keep newspapers away from youngsters, however children often stumble across hard core pornography on the web, a concern that has led the PM to put into place plans to ensure the country’s largest Internet Service Providers (ISPs) – BT, Virgin, Sky and TalkTalk – force customers to remove filters that would block online pornography.

David Cameron defends opposition to Page 3 ban The Guardian David Cameron has insisted he is right to oppose a ban on Page 3 pin-ups despite his efforts to tackle online pornography. The prime minister said there was a difference between newspapers, which parents could keep away from children, and the internet, where youngsters could “stumble across” legal but hardcore pornography.

Under plans set out by Cameron, the largest internet service providers in Britain will force customers to choose whether to turn off filters that will prevent customers viewing porn.

In an interview with BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour he insisted there was a distinction between images online and in the pages of a newspaper.

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