Gender and Politics in the media

No more virginity tests for Egyptian women arrested during demos. Colombian men in miniskirts protest. Saudi Arabia to go all feminist…

Arab women’s rights Not yet sitting pretty The Economist (blog) ON AN average day a woman walking down a street in Cairo can expect catcalls. On a bad day she may get persistent unwanted telephone calls, be flashed at …

Saudi Arabia to go all feminist…in the labour market Al-Bawaba The Ministry of Labor plans to feminize all jobs suitable for women in the coming three years, ministry’s assistant undersecretary for development Dr. Fahd …


Egyptian women were prominent in the demonstrations against former president Hosni Mubarak in Cairo’s Tahrir Square from the start.

No more virginity tests for women arrested during political … The Standard Digital News …Egyptian women have certainly been politically marginalised in this post-revolutionary period. The male-dominated military in charge of the transitional phase eradicated the quota for women’s representation in parliament, which reduced female members from 64 to nine, and it did not include any women in the constitutional review committee. The police also targeted female political demonstrators, going as far as stripping them naked in the street and urging molestation by thugs. They introduced virginity tests for women arrested during political demonstrations. The message was clear: women should go home and leave politics to the men.

Colombian men and women in miniskirts protest sexual violence GlobalPost Dozens of men and women protested in miniskirts Sunday against sexual violence in Colombia.

The demonstration took place outside a popular Bogota restaurant whose owner, Andres Jaramillo, recently said one of his clients deserved to be raped because of what he said was her provocative dress.

“This kid shows up with a coat worn over a miniskirt. What kind of game is she playing? And then she says she was raped — to atone for her sins!” Jaramillo told local media.

The young woman said she had been raped a month ago in the restaurant’s parking lot.

“What pains me the most is that many women think this way as well,” said Mar Candela as she condemned Jaramillo’s comments.

Jamaica narrows gender gap Jamaica Gleaner Jamaica has the highest proportion of women to men in the combined category of ‘legislators, senior officials and managers’ anywhere in the world. It leads a group of only five countries, where women exceed men in those professions.

That is according to the 2013 Global Gender Gap Index (GGI) report released recently by the World Economic Forum.

Still taken by itself, Jamaican women legislators fall way well short of their male counterparts. Women, at the time of the report, held 14 seats of the 84 seats in the Lower House and Senate combined. The Opposition is in the process of reappointing its slate of Senate representatives.

The fair sex gets an unfair ticket deal The New Indian Express A woman has led Delhi as its chief minister for the past decade-and-a-half, but that does not seem to have made a dent to the patriarchal undertones of this city housing an estimated 1.75 crore people.  The Congress and the BJP have in total given tickets to only 10 women candidates.

When The Sunday Standard asked Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit about women being neglected by major political parties in Delhi in ticket distribution, she said: “Winnability is a major deciding factor, though I feel bad about it.”

‘Gender equality should also be in context of men’ Times of India There is an urgent need to change the mindset about men as perpetrators of crime and bring in “gender equality” in the context of men. These will be some of the key issues that a city-based NGO working for men’s rights would highlight at its International Men’s Day (IMD) celebration on November 19.

Members of Men’s Rights Association, which works towards addressing issues concerning men and protection their rights, said here on Saturday that reinstating the value of men in society and initiating an open discussion among men about the issues and constraints they face will be the focus of IMD celebrations in the city. More than 60 countries will be observing the day, the members said.

Pakistan works on bridging gender gap Central Asia Online LAHORE – Pakistan, recently named the second-worst country in terms of gender equality, is working to improve its image in terms of women’s right and equal …

GFD demands 10% representation in government appointments Ghana Business News GFD demands 10% representation in government appointments … as traditional leaders, market women and representatives of transport unions to the neglect of …

Swaziland Has the Lowest Number of Women in Parliament With King Mswati’s appointment of the additional ten parliamentary seats, only four women compared to 61 men hold seats. Women now represent a mere 6% of …

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