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37% Of Men Think There Are Enough Women MPs. Female Politicians: Approach Negative Ads With Caution!

New Study Shows That For Female Politicians, Negative Ads Must … In The Capital …Past research has shown that most people view attack ads from women more negatively than similar ads coming from male headlined campaigns. Through a series of intensive focus groups, the Barbara Lee Family Foundation, in conjunction with Lake Research Partners and Chesapeake Beach Consulting has come out with some interesting findings of what kids of campaign ads actually work for women. Below are some takeaways from their study.

  • Voters are okay with negative ads, as long as they are subtle, and appear to be done by real people rather than actors.
  • Voters liked it when women were humorous in their negative ads. Humor also made the ads more memorable.
  • Voters prefer negative ads that end on a positive note, with the candidate saying what they will do, rather than just talking about how they are better than their opponent.
  • Voters prefer when female candidates speak for themselves in ads, rather than hiring actors. It shows confidence and capability.
  • Women voters overwhelmingly preferred ads that showed female candidates telling their own story.

Almost 40% Of Men Think There Are Enough Women MPs, And … Huffington Post UK Almost 40% of men think there are enough women in parliament, despite the fact only 22% of MPs are female. There are 650 MPs but only 147 are women – just 22%. According to the inter-parliamentary union Britain is ranked joint 58th with Israel in the global league table of women’s representation.

A survey conducted for Parliament Week and published today found that 37% of men felt that there were enough women in parliament. And 13% of women agreed.

Could our next MP be a woman? St Helens Star …However, it is Labour Party policy to “increase the representation of women” in Parliament, and there have already been cases in which they have used women shortlists to select parliamentary candidates.

The policy for St Helens South is likely to be decided by the National Executive Committee, in consultation with members of the local constituency Labour Party early in the new year.

Both Cllr Bowden and Cllr Grunewald would not be drawn into a guessing game.

“Ban the bomb”: Hetty Bower’s last words. Here she’s pictured campaigning with 10-year-old George O’Rourke at the Aldermaston demonstration.

Hetty Bower vowed to campaign until her final breath…She was born in 1905 when Edward VII was King and women did not have the vote. She died this week just two months after giving a speech at this year’s Labour’s conference.

For an incredible 108 years in between, Hetty Bower devoted her life to campaigning for peace and social justice. Her battle was finally over on Tuesday night at the Royal Free Hospital in London, two weeks after she suffered a stroke.

Hetty was a veteran of the 1926 General Strike, of the 1936 Battle of Cable Street when ordinary people faced down Oswald Mosley’s fascists, and of the peace movement that followed two world wars. She was a founding member of CND.

Women MP quota ’causes NZ Labour poll dip’ The Australian NEW Zealand’s opposition Labour party has lost support in the country’s latest opinion poll, with the slide being attributed to its move to set a quota for women MPs.

The Roy Morgan poll says Labour is down 3.5 points to 32 per cent compared with a month ago, while Prime Minister John Key’s National has gained 3.5 points to 45.5 per cent.

The pollsters believe Labour’s target of women making up 50 per cent of its caucus by 2017 is driving men to support National. The Greens are on 12.5 per cent, putting a Labour/Greens coalition on 44.5 per cent. There was little change in the minor party ratings.

The GOP has a big problem with women’s issues Washington Times The Republican Party is in the midst of an identity crisis.

Followers of Ron Paul are storming the establishment’s gates, armed with a passion for libertarianism. At the same time, social rightists are struggling to remain the GOP’s dominant faction. All of this has left moderates more or less out of the picture.

During the years ahead, which path might the GOP take?

This question hangs high for Republican apparatchiks, activists, and somewhat disengaged, though nonetheless concerned, voters. While predicting the future seems an impossible task, it is more important than ever before to discern where the Party’s best path forward lies.

Afghan Candidate Seeks Backing of Women, Young Wall Street Journal KABUL—The oldest among the main contenders in Afghanistan’s presidential race, former Foreign Minister Zalmai Rassoul, says he is counting on Afghanistan’s youth and women to get out the vote for him.

Mr. Rassoul, 70, said in an interview last week that the generation of young Afghans who came of age after the country’s civil war in the 1990s were his “major electoral target” in the April 5 vote for a successor to…

“Afghan women have not mobilized politically as much as we wished,” he said. … “This is the first time in our history that an elected president will replace another …

Despite Success in Politics Many Latin American Women Still … The Costa Rica News Despite Success in Politics Many Latin American Women Still Experience Gender Discrimination The Costa Rica News (TCRN) – The likely victory of Michelle …

Bill guaranteeing female representation in municipalities moves … Jerusalem Post “Women are 51% of the population, but do not have similar representation in local … said “there is great importance to female representation” and asked for all …

Arab Spring nations backtrack on women’s rights Cairo: Arab women played a central role in the Arab Spring, but their hopes the revolts would bring greater freedom and expanded rights for women have been …

Kenyan women to fight bill denying them property rights in divorce Reuters AlertNet “Many women, when it comes to issues of divorce, they are always sent away without anything,” Ruth Aura, chairwoman of the Federation of Women Lawyers in …

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