Gender and Politics in the media

UK: “Appalling” gender split in speakers to Oxford’s student political societies. Gender Pay Gap: Women ‘Stop Earning’ Today.

Are women bearing the brunt of paying down the deficit? Full Fact The Labour party’s claim that women are the “hardest hit” by the Coalition Government isn’t new. Shadow equalities minister Yvette Cooper said as much back in April this year, and before that in December 2012. Back then women were hit “four times harder” than men by the government’s tax and benefit reforms specifically. This morning the claim became “three times more”.

In fact, all the claims are based on the same figures: the difference between them is explained by more how the numbers are framed rather than the substance of the figures themselves.

“Appalling” gender split in political speakers Oxford Student An investigation by The Oxford Student has revealed a large disparity in the gender balance of speakers invited to Oxford’s three main student political societies.

Whilst the Oxford University Labour Club has an equal number of male and female speakers, no women are coming to Oxford to address the University Conservative Association this term.

Despite featuring no female speakers on their Freshers’ Fair termcard, the Oxford University Liberal Democrats have since announced the visit of one female parliamentary candidate to compliment their two male visitors.

In response to these figures, OUCA President Robert Greig stated:

“OUCA always invites a diverse range of speakers representing the full breadth of Conservative views and talent, but not everyone we invite can accept.”

OULC Co-Chair Helena Dollimore said she was pleased to have reversed last term’s gender imbalance of the club’s visitors, when over two-thirds of the speakers were men.

Theresa May at the Conservative Party conference and her jewel … Is Theresa May the most fashion-forward Home Secretary ever? After being snapped wearing the latest in boot couture (over-knee, not so sure myself since you ask), Mrs May has now received the ultimate accolade of being compared with supermodel Cara Delevingne on the pages of today’s Femail.

What more could a politician want?

It was shoes – coupled with her “nasty party” jibe – which first brought Mrs May to public attention. Now, whether its kitten heels, designer wellies or the leopard-skin number, the Home Secretary is undoubtedly giving Sam Cam a run for her money in the style stakes.

Debenhams is even attributing a 60 per cent increase in sales of leopard print pumps to “the Theresa May effect”.

Gender Pay Gap: Women ‘Stop Earning’ Today Key 103 Manchester Women professionals in some industries are earning £16,000 less than their male counterparts, according to a new report.

In the health service, the gender pay gap among professionals is three times greater than the average difference of around £5,000, the study by the TUC has found.

The research is published to mark Equal Pay Day – the point in the year at which campaigners say women effectively stop being paid because they earn on average 15% less than men.

Women working in the private sector fare worse than those in the public sector – a 19.9% gap compared to a 13.6% gap.

And the difference is greater for women working part-time, where the gap is 35%.

A message to David Murray: gender equality isn’t ‘unrealistic’ Women’s Agenda It is ironic to think that David Murray, former chief executive of the Commonwealth Bank, said at a thought-leadership event that achieving a 50/50 split of men and women in senior management across Australian companies was unrealistic. How uninspiring is that leadership?

Murray, a long-standing fixture in Australia’s business community said this: “If you manipulate the system to turn [gender equality] into a reality, you create a system that isn’t based on merit and that’s a bigger danger”. That, however, depends on your idea of merit. Merit, at the moment, is disproportionately clustered among men of a certain age of a certain background.

Ban the burka? No, Muslim women need our protection Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed escaped from a mosque in Acton by dressing up in a burkha and running away. He is subject to a Terrorism Investigation and …

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