Call for Papers

CFP: Transnational Gender Politics: Transversing the International and Domestic. Deadline 18 Jan.

CFP: Transnational Gender Politics: Transversing the International and Domestic
Nordic Political Science Association Conference 2014
NOPSA, Göteborg (Sweden)
Aug 12-15 2014.

The deadline for paper applications is on 18 January 2014. By 3 February 2014 the workshop chair will distribute information to all applicants about which of the applications have been accepted.

The workshops for the Nordic Political Science Association Conference in Gothenburg are now published on our website. There are 37 workshops. Each workshop is led by a chair.

The applications for papers should be submitted by email to the relevant workshop chair.

The applications should contain:

a) The title of the paper

b) A description of the research problem etc. of the paper (200-300 words)

c) The name(s) of the author(s), institutional affiliations (department and university if applicable) and email address.

Workshop 30: Transnational Gender Politics: Transversing the International and Domestic

Domestic and international politics are increasingly approached as transnational in political science, in the sense of being deeply affected by cross-border flows of ideas, people, goods and capital and by cross-border interactions. The transnational character of contemporary politics thus fundamentally challenges the notion of distinctive levels of analysis upon which much of political science has been premised. Gender politics is one transnationalized political area. Not only do ideas about gender (such as the appropriate roles of men and women in politics, in the family, in the military or in finance) travel across borders, but transnational networks of political actors often play an important role in the gender politics of putatively domestic and international institutions. The study of the transnational character of gender politics can thus be of central importance in complicating the levels-of-analysis foundation of political science as a discipline.

The aim of this workshop would be to bring together papers that interrogate the transnational character of what is often understood as domestic or international gender politics. One possible entry is to look at the role of transnational flows of ideas or norms in the emergence or implementation of national gender equality policies. Another might be to analyze the role of transnational coalitions, networks or movements in mobilizations around national gender issues. The workshop will be run in English, so it is particularly suitable for papers written in English with the intention of international peer review publication.

Chair: Ann Towns Docent i Statsvetenskap Högskolan Väst

Vice-chair: Petrice Flowers Associate Professor, Political Science University of Hawaii

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