Gender and Politics in the media

Gender equality depends on liberating men. Salmond to tackle under-rep of women in Scottish boardrooms. Social cons’ enduring myth: Women just want to stay home.


Opinion: Sexist Labour needs All Women Shortlists, the Liberal … Liberal Democrat Voice The Independent reported on Sunday that Nick Clegg could consider imposing all women shortlists for the 2020 general election if the party did not select …..

Bid to set quotas for women on boards Herald Scotland …New legal authority is to be demanded from Westminster to set quotas for the number of women running public bodies, the First Minister told MSPs yesterday.

His intervention comes less than a week after The Herald revealed less than one-third of board members of many of Scotland’s top public bodies is female.

Scottish Labour’s equalities ­spokeswoman Jackie Baillie had used Freedom of Information legislation to obtain details of the composition of the boards of public sector organisations in areas such the arts, health, culture, justice and the environment.

Among her findings, it was revealed that ­Scotland’s 14 health boards have an average of 37% women members.

Pressed by Ms Baillie during First Minister’s Questions yesterday, Mr Salmond said: “We believe at least 40% of public board membership should be female. The legislative competence for introducing quotas lies with Westminster, as Jackie Baillie well knows.

Young Women In Low Paid Jobs Triples In 20 Years, Warns TUC Huffington Post UK Gloria De Piero, Labour’s shadow Women and Equalities minister, told the Huffington Post UK: “We will never close the gender pay gap if some jobs remain for …


Social conservatives’ enduring myth: Women just want to stay home Salon During a HuffPost Live segment last week titled “Masculinity Now,” Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes aired a series of expletive-laden perspectives on modern femininity, none of them positive. While McInnes’ host and co-panelists maintained their calm, the blogger and publisher ranted that “feminism has made women less happy,” citing cultural pressure to “feign” toughness and inappropriate presence in the workforce as culprits.

Only 23 Percent of Republicans Support More Women in Congress … Bustle “To win in 2016, the GOP must show itself capable of addressing things that affect day-to-day life, which has been proven to appeal to female voters, as well as …

Political Trick or Treat: Scary Charades from Male Candidates Huffington Post Yet that hasn’t stopped some political candidates from masquerading as something they’re not in order to woo women voters. In races across the country, we’re …

New Zealand

Cunliffe supports more women in Labour Newstalk ZB I It’s been called Labour’s man-ban – a controversial proposal to have women-only contests to select candidates in some electorates.

Leader David Cunliffe confirms that’s been dropped, saying there will be no discussion of a man-ban at Labour’s annual conference in Christchurch this weekend.

But he told Newstalk ZB’s Rachel Smalley he does back a target of 45 per cent for women’s representation in Labour’s caucus. “Very comfortable with 45 for next year, because we’ve already got 42, and 50 is a good target for next time round.”

Labour’s leader doesn’t see the big deal in the hoopla over the way the party may choose its candidates.


Canada’s Minister of Status of Women Encourages Young Women … Sacramento Bee OTTAWA, Oct. 31, 2013 — /CNW/ – The Honourable Dr. K. Kellie Leitch, Minister of Labour and Minister of Status of Women, today wrapped up celebrations for …


Sonia Gandhi third most powerful woman in Forbes list IBNLive New York: The Forbes list of the world’s most powerful people is out andCongress President Sonia Gandhi has been ranked as the third most influential woman …

A Most Masculine State: Gender, Politics, and Religion in Saudi … Times Higher Education When used with such precision, it has considerable analytical value and can facilitate important insights in the relationship between gender, state, politics and …

Erbe: Gender equality depends on liberating men, too The Republic The final stage of feminism is something I call “masculism.” If women are ever to reach true parity, men must be on board. Male attitudes, behavior and …

Campaign to stop discrimination against girl child launched … Girl Child” was launched today at Methodist Church Molnoi Area Campus in Chandel District under the theme “Let’s make gender equalitya lived reality”

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