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German men think gender equality reached. US: 24 pt gender gap in VA Gov Race. 7 crazy restrictions on women’s rights.

Study: German men think gender equality reached The The study, carried out by the Allensbach Institute found seven percent of men believed they could not act like a “real man” because that was no longer acceptable. Sixty-four percent said they felt men and women were equal, and 35 percent said they found it hard to fulfill gender role expectations.

But that does not mean Germany’s men are lacking in the macho stakes, the editor-in-chief of women’s supplement Bild der Frau, Sandra Immoor, said on Monday – rather they are insecure.

Michael Fabricant with Kathy Coe, Director of the Pathway Project

Conservative MP speaks out against same-sex domestic violence A Conservative MP has joined in a project against domestic violence, emphasising a need to tackle such abuse in both same-sex and opposite-sex couples.

Michael Fabricant, MP for LIchfield, joined the Pathway Project against Domestic Violence in Lichfield last Saturday, holding a placard reading “real men don’t hit women”. The project deals with all domestic violence, against both men and women.

Mr Fabricant told PinkNews that domestic violence in same-sex couples, emphasising the need for the Pathway Project. He said: “Domestic violence is not restricted to straight couples. Sadly it occurs amongst gay couples too. This is totally unacceptable and individuals in relationships such as these need guidance and a refuge. That is why the Pathway Project in the Lichfield constituency is so valuable.

Women Have Evolved To Be ‘Mean Girls’ Because They Can Get … University Herald Women Have Evolved To Be ‘Mean Girls’ Because They Can Get Away With It … be a relatively accurate representation of women, according to a new study.

Poll: Voters in Virginia Gov Race Sense Two Bad Candidates PJ Media Among male voters, Cuccinelli has a 45 percent edge to McAuliffe at 44 percent. Among women, Cuccinelli is behind by 24 points.

Sixty-four percent of McAuliffe supporters say they’re casting a vote against Cuccinelli, while 44 percent of Cuccinelli backers say they’re voting against McAuliffe.

“A lot’s going on here with eight days to go. So today, we traveled the state with Senator Rand Paul from Lynchburg to Virginia Beach to Fairfax County, so we covered the three corners of the state, more or less, and reached hundreds of people with rallies and really turned them back out onto the streets, literally, to contact other voters and to really fire up our volunteers so we can be reaching people one on one,” Cuccinelli said last night on Fox Business Network. “These are low-turnout races in these odd years, and it’s critically important that people be talking to voters one at a time in person to turn them out.”

Poll Finds Vast Gaps in Basic Views on Gender, Race, Religion and … ABC News (blog) An almost unfathomable gap divides public attitudes on basic issues involving gender, race, religion and politics in America, fueled by dramatic ideological and partisan divisions that offer the prospect of more of the bitter political battles that played out in Washington this month.

A new ABC News/Fusion poll, marking the launch of the Fusion television network, finds vast differences among groups in trust in government, immigration policy and beyond, including basic views on issues such as the role of religion and the value of diversity in politics, treatment of women in the workplace and the opportunities afforded to minorities in society more broadly.

See PDF with full results, charts and tables here.

While these issues divide a variety of Americans, this poll, produced for ABC and Fusion by Langer Research Associates, finds that the gaps in nearly all cases are largest among partisan and ideological groups – so enormous and so fundamental that they seem to constitute visions of two distinctly different Americas.

Coalition MPs set to cross floor over Tony Abbott’s Paid Parental … The Australian TONY Abbott faces a tough challenge getting his signature paid parental leave scheme through Parliament with at least two Coalition senators indicating they may vote against the $5.5 billion program.

In the first real test of the Prime Minister’s authority, Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi and the Nationals’ John Williams have signalled they may vote against the “Rolls Royce” scheme.

And they are not alone. News Corp has spoken with a number of Coalition senators who are privately critical of the election promise to provide women with six months full replacement pay.

Veteran Queensland LNP Senator Ron Boswell has told colleagues he will find it hard to back the scheme while Barry O’Sullivan – who will take Barnaby Joyce’s Senate seat – harbours similar concerns.

Afghan rapper voices women’s rights in Kabul BBC News Paradise is a rap singer, who focuses on women’s rights and gender equality issues. She has recently returned to her home country, after years of living abroad …

7 ridiculous restrictions on women’s rights around the world Washington Post (blog) 1. India (some parts): Road safety rules don’t apply to women. 2. Yemen: A woman is considered only half a witness. 3. Saudi Arabia and Vatican City: Women can’t vote… still. 4. Ecuador: Abortion is illegal, unless you’re an “idiot.” 5. Saudi Arabia and Morocco: Rape victims can be charged with crimes. 6. Yemen: Women can’t leave the house without their husbands’ permission. 7. Saudi Arabia: Women can’t drive.

The World Economic Forum’s 2013 gender gap index. Countries in red and orange have the largest disparities between men and women. (WEF)

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