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Gender equality: child daycare is the key. Women should know the facts on dealing with sexual violence.


Does Nick Clegg really need to introduce ‘sexist’ all-women shortlists? The majorities of all the female Lib Dems combined (17,224 votes) is only slightly larger than Nick Clegg’s in Sheffield Hallam. ‘Blair’s babes’… The former Lib …

Lucy Powell: Some mothers will prefer to stay at home, some will … She lives in Manchester with her family – her husband James, who is an A&E Doctor, her step-son, Joe, and her daughter, Katie. Lucy is the first female Labour …

Women should know the facts on dealing with sexual violence The Daily Telegraph (blog) In an era of so-called post feminism, anyone who speaks out about women’s issues is invariably denounced as a man-hating feminazi trying to “play the gender …

Baroness Stowell: ‘Women want to know we can benefit the widest … The Independent …The former secretary was made Baroness Stowell of Beeston in 2011, and has been quick to make an impact. She was promoted to be a junior minister in the Department of Communities and Local Government in David Cameron’s “flat-cap reshuffle” this month, as he tried to show that his party is composed of more than privately educated men in suits.

Last week, Lady Stowell was voted “Politician of the Year”, along with Labour’s Yvette Cooper, by the PinkNews website for steering the Bill allowing gay marriage through the choppy waters of the Lords. The many Conservative MPs who opposed it hoped to see the second chamber throw a spanner in the works, but the measure’s critics were disarmed by Lady Stowell’s widely praised display on the front bench, a big job for a newly appointed Government whip.


Gender equality: child daycare is the key GenevaLunch news GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The key to gender equality is clearly a matter of providing affordable child daycare outside the home, shows a study published …


Women shut out from corridors of power Sydney Morning Herald Amid all the debate over gender ratios in politics, sometimes real figures can tell a story more powerfully than rhetoric. The World Economic Forum released the …

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