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US: Less Hostility To Women Candidates Than Often Thought. GOP Voter Suppression Might Keep GOP Women From Voting!

GOP seeks to build clout with women on EMILY’s List model Kennebec Journal Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire, U.S. Sen. Deb Fischer of Nebraska and 16women elected to the U.S. House in 2010 or 2012. The PAC is gearing up for the …

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There’s Less Hostility To Women Candidates Than Often Thought Politix A breakthrough came in 1992, the “year of the women,” after which 13 percent of House districts were held by women, and 7 percent of Senateseats.

Political scientists see Ernst employing “subtle” message about … Radio Iowa …Dianne Bystrom, the director of the Iowa State University Center for Women and Politics, has done research on the campaign ads of U.S. Senate candidates from 1992 to 2012. Bystrom found the “tough, but caring” strategy was common among female candidates.

“Survey research shows that voters’ question about women candidates is: ‘Are they tough enough for the job?’ Bystrom says, “so you very often see women trying to prove in various ways how tough they are.”

In states like Iowa with rural populations, Bystrom has found female candidates for the U.S. Senate have emphasized farm and ranching experience and their comfort with guns to illustrate their toughness.

“It’s a strategy that we’ve seen not only with Republican candidates, but it’s also with Democratic candidates,” Bystrom says.

In Iowa, Democrats nominated women candidates for the U.S. Senate in 1992 and 2012. Hagle says Democrats in Iowa have been more likely to tout the idea of electing a woman to congress, so Ernst seems to be taking the “subtle” approach.

Latinas Make Unexpectedly Large Political Strides Women’s eNews There are a growing number of Latinas, and other women of color, in office,… representation of racial/ethnic-minority women in elective office compared to their …

Training aims to increase female representation in North Dakota … Bismarck Tribune In an effort to increase female representation, the North Dakota Women’s Network is hosting training to encourage political participation of women in the state.

Silver Lining for Democrats in Texas Voter ID Woes ABC News (blog) Women voters favored President Obama over the Republican presidential candidate in the last two elections, according to Gallup, and that’s not a situation …

Oopsie! GOP Voter Suppression Might Keep Republican Women … Jezebel …The problem is that Texas’s new law requires voters to provide original documentation of a legal name change (marriage license, divorce certificate, etc) if they don’t own a state-issued ID that contains their most recent legal name. If they can’t locate the original documentation, they can request a new form, but that costs money and is a pain in the ass. Because 90% of women change their names when they get married or divorced and some research has suggested that a hell of a lot of women don’t actually have state-issued ID with their most recent name, this spells trouble for married ladies, who reliably vote Republican.

Things get even more headachey for women who have married, divorced, and remarried.

Awesome Alternative to Campus Feminism Celebrates Ninth … Town Hall When looking at their course syllabi, young conservative women often find assignments that encourage them to challenge gender roles and unabashedly …

From the “war on women” to the war with women CNN …The image of the white man is something the Republican Party is having trouble breaking.

Voters were reminded of the patrician perception just a couple of weeks ago during the government shutdown when House Republican leaders let the press in a meeting to take pictures as they worked. At the long table sat eight men in their shirtsleeves. Not one woman was present.

Those examples of images and statements make a difference at the voting booth.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s nine-point loss among women to President Barack Obama. Additionally, of the 81 women members of Congress, only 19 are Republican. The story is similar in the Senate.

Texas’ plot to suppress female voter turnout …  Video on Lawrence O’Donnell and Emily’s List’s Jess McIntosh discuss …

Josey seeks to end lack of GOP women in Senate Houston Chronicle Suzelle Josey of Autauga County says the Senate needs the perspective of a Republican woman. The Senate currently has five women. Four are Democrats …

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