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Spotlight On…Women, Science and Sexism. UK: Why the police and the Tories should beware of ‘that woman’.

Why the police and the Tories should beware of ‘that woman’ Having heard a detective refer to Theresa May as “that woman” during latest twist in the ‘Plebgate’ saga yesterday, Sophy Ridge explains why both the police and Conservative MPs shouldn’t underestimate the Home Secretary.

…According to a transcript of the meeting between Andrew Mitchell and the three officers last September, Detective Sergeant Stuart Hinton said they had problems with “that woman” from the Conservative party.

When quizzed by MPs on what he meant, Mr Hinton denied using the phrase and said there must have been a typing error (the transcript was taken from a recording of the meeting made by Mr Mitchell.)

Whether it happened or not, there is something intensely believable about such an exchange, which goes to the root of the casual misogyny faced by women in public life.

For one – there is no doubt Theresa May is “that woman from the Conservative party”. There are so few senior Tory women that there is little room for confusion.

Korolevska: Government OKs bill on gender equality in political … Kyiv Post The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has approved a bill on granting equal rights and opportunities to women and men, Social Policy Minister Natalia Korolevska has said.

What Women’s Growing Political Representation … The Asia Foundation – In Asia When Indonesians head to the polls six months from now, they will have a record number of women candidates to choose from. Hard-won reforms by activists pushing for increased requirements for women’s representation have resulted in a new high for women candidates, who comprise 38 percent of the 6,608 registered contenders. The General Election Commission (KPU) now strictly enforces a 30 percent quota for women’s representation in political party structures and candidate lists, and has even disqualified parties for failing to meet the requirement.

Analysis: More female representation needed in municipal … Jerusalem Post If there was one group that lost big in Tuesday’s municipal election, it was women. Only two women were elected mayor out of dozens who ran, meaning that only 1 percent of municipalities participating in the election will have female leaders.

Miriam Feirberg was reelected in Netanya with 72 percent of the vote, and Lizzy Delricce won in Ganei Tikva. Yaela Miklis is facing off against Yehud Mayor Yossi Ben David in a second round in two weeks.

Spotlight On…Women, Science & Sexism Impact Magazine According to a 2012 European Commission study, out of the 42% of women STEM academic staff in the UK, only 17% of women occupy the most senior research positions. Similarly, according to a 2012 Wise campaign report, the number of STEM jobs in the UK occupied by women stands at only 13%. Research suggests that this declining number is due to ‘the lack of fluidity in the transitional process’ – i.e. although more girls are choosing to study STEM subjects in further education (as well as outperforming boys), they often lack the encouragement to carry on with STEM to higher education and into a career.

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