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US: Incumbency Test Looms Larger for Female Governors. Why GOP needs to add more female consultants.

How one state trained generations of women for political careers Campaigns & Elections When it comes to helping women build careers in politics, some states do better than others. For more than two decades, women in Indiana have been getting their first taste of public service through the Lugar Series.

What we have learned here in Indiana is that we can do so much to expand the ranks of women leaders in politics, especially on the Republican side of the aisle, through a combination of outreach and engagement. I know those words have become deflated talking points, but the Lugar Series has been instrumental in creating an environment where women step up to serve when called on. We have the proof to make the case that it works and aren’t interested in stopping anytime soon.

Incumbency Test Looms Larger for Female Governors
Women’s eNews
The four female incumbents in the field of about 30 governors seeking reelection in November 2014 are doing something considered incumbent upon any female executive who wants her job back: playing up their accomplishments.

The quartet includes three Republicans: New Mexico’s Susana Martinez, Oklahoma’s Mary Fallin and South Carolina’s Nikki Haley. The lone Democrat is New Hampshire’s Maggie Hassan. All are emphasizing their ability to get things done as evidence of why they deserve to be reelected to second terms next year.

…Adrienne Kimmell, executive director of the Barbara Lee Family Foundation in Cambridge, Mass., agrees. “Our studies have found that by a large margin, voters believe it is harder for women candidates to appear qualified for major statewide offices, such as governor, than male candidates,” she said in a phone interview.

Kimmell said that even if voters don’t particularly like male candidates they will elect them to executive positions if they think they are qualified. But they won’t do that in the case of female candidates.

To be considered truly worthy, female gubernatorial candidates must present more evidence of “results oriented” expertise in financial and crisis management than do male gubernatorial candidates.

The only woman in the room? Campaigns & Elections …For many women in the party, the frustration goes beyond the way leading strategists talk about female voters—it extends to the makeup of campaign teams and the look of many GOP strategy tables. Republicans, it has been said, have a woman problem. In 2012, women were a majority of voters; nationally, 55 percent of them voted Democratic, according to exit polling. The Democrats’ advantage with women helped the party overcome the GOP’s edge with male voters. It’s not hyperbole to say that women decided the election.

“We’ve got to start tailoring campaigns with that in mind, and the best way to do that is having female voices at the table,” says Katie Packer Gage, a founding partner of WWP Strategies and Mitt Romney’s deputy campaign manager in 2012. “We’re just being dumb if we don’t do that.”

Female Power: Congressional Women Could Already Have … If it were up to the women in Congress, the government shutdown already would be over, according to Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

“If we put all the women — Republicans and Democrats — in the House together, the consensus is that we would get this done in a few hours,” the head of the Democratic National Committee said Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

Iowa gender gap: Women more likely to run as Democrats USA TODAY  DES MOINES — An Iowa woman who runs in either a Democratic or Republican primary for statewide or federal office has good odds of winning, the results of more than three decades of races show.

But the Republicans have been on the losing end when it comes to the number of women the two parties field.

Research by The Des Moines Register found that Democratic women have run in 27 primaries for statewide or federal office since 1982, the first year a woman ran for governor in Iowa. All but four women won their Democrat vs. Democrat match for governor, secretary of state, agriculture secretary, auditor, attorney general, treasurer or Congress.

On the GOP side, women have jumped into those primary races just eight times since 1982.

Nebraska senator holds working women town halls NECN LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — A Nebraska state senator says she is holding town hall meetings to talk with women about barriers to success in business including an income gap between men and women.

Sen. Amanda McGill has scheduled a meeting Tuesday at Omaha Security National Bank and another on Wednesday at the YWCA in Grand Island. A third meeting will be Oct. 24 at St. Paul’s Methodist Church in Lincoln.

McGill says she will examine barriers that face women as they struggle to reach their professional goals.

Do Women Have More to Lose If Immigration Reform Dies? ColorLines For 10 years Juanita Flores struggled to find her way out of an abusive marriage. She was undocumented, had two small children, no opportunities for legal employment, and lived in constant fear of her husband’s physical, sexual and emotional abuse. Five years ago, the last time she saw him, he put her in the hospital with a skull fracture. The next day she left Dallas. But it was only this year that she was able to get a special visa that could help her remain in the U.S.

Yellen’s Rise to Fed Chairman Shows Women Rare at the Top Bloomberg When President Barack Obama became the first president to nominate a woman to head the Federal Reserve, he elevated Janet Yellen to a global position of influence that shows how wide the gap remains for women to achieve equal representation in positions of power.

If Yellen is confirmed by the Senate, she would be the first female chairman of the Fed and also may soon be, temporarily at least, the only woman on the Fed board of governors. Fed Governor Sarah Bloom Raskin has been nominated by Obama as deputy Treasury secretary, which would make her the highest-ranking woman in Treasury history. Elizabeth Duke left the central bank at the end of August.


Rwanda’s Parliament Has Highest Female Representation of Any … Atlanta Black Star In September elections they took 51 of 80 seats in Parliament – and at 64 percent, the country has the highest female representation of any nation on earth.

Report on women and men in leadership positions and Gender … EU News The highest levels of female representation on boards occurs in Finland (29.1%) and Latvia (29%), closely followed by France (26.8%) and Sweden (26.5%).

Rural Women NZ members’ success in local elections Voxy First time candidate Jacqui Church of Onewhero Rural Women has romped home in the 2013 local elections, polling in first place in the Awaroa ki Tuakau ward …

Jerusalem deputy mayor leads historic female-led party for … Jerusalem Post … 22 municipal elections launched by incumbent Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Naomi Tsur, is the city’s first viable political party primarily led by women in an arena …

Women voters in Rajasthan looking beyond saris and scooters, want … Daily News & Analysis Not long ago, Rajasthan had the proud distinction of having three women in the top constitutional posts at the same time. Pratibha Patil was governor while …

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