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In Merkel’s shadow, the woman behind the woman: Female Politician Gets Heckled — Responds With a Powerful Lesson About Sexism

Labour’s equalities minister ‘understands’ why girls do topless … Gloria de Piero, Labour’s new spokesperson for women, says she “understands” why girls strip off for the camera after doing a topless photo shoot when she just 15.

The former GMTV political editor, recently promoted to Ed Miliband’s shadow cabinet, has admitted that as a teenager she had posed so that she could buy herself some new clothes.

The new shadow minister for women and equalities said that she thought that Page 3 girls were “totally out of date”, but added: “I’ve always said don’t blame the girls. I understand how they might think it would be a way out.”

Details of Miss de Piero’s topless shoot emerged during the 2010 election campaign, and she claims that Harriet Harman, the then women and equalities minister, provided her with “amazing” support, the Daily Mail reported.

Miss Harman, a feminist who has tried to ban seminude photographs from newspapers, told her that they would not judge her for it and urged her not to change because of it, she said.

In Merkel’s shadow, the woman behind the woman Hindustan Times Angela Merkel owes her re-election for a third term as German chancellor partly to the success of another woman, her influential if discreet adviser who, observers say, was the main driving force in helping propel Merkel to the top.

Celebrating her triumph on election night in September, Merkel thanked her famously media-shy husband Joachim Sauer, who, well away from the podium, appeared ready to melt into the background at the conservatives’ party headquarters.

Next to him stood the even more unassuming Beate Baumann, who has been at Merkel’s side since she entered politics from her previous life as a scientist at the beginning of the 1990s.

Female Politician Gets Heckled — Responds With a Powerful Lesson About Sexism PolicyMic Last Tuesday, Green Party MP Veronique Massonneau took the floor during a debate on pension reform in the French National Assembly. A few seconds into her speech, she was forced to interrupt her address because of clucking noises coming out of the mouth of the chauvinistic man-child that is MP Philippe Le Ray. Her conservative rival, a member of Union for a Popular Movement, did not stop there. After Massonneau inadervently became the first female politician to ever have to utter the words “That’s enough… I am not a chicken,” she continued to be aggressively heckled. In Le Ray’s defense, he was allegedly drunk, so blame the Ricard, not the lawmaker who got sloshed before he went into work!

In the video below, you can see the president of the chamber, being visibly shocked because the term poule (chicken) is used as a derogatory term for women France.

“There are things I will never accept in this chamber. One of them is deputies pretending to be chickens when a member of parliament is speaking. It is not acceptable.”

Dérapage sexiste de l’UMP contre une députée écologiste


Sex, Servitude and Labour: Human Trafficking is Diverse in Greater … International Business Times AU A recent study commissioned by Governments of the Coordinated Mekong Ministerial Initiative against Trafficking (COMMIT) in Cambodia, China, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam reveals that a flourishing human trade – involving men, women, children and families – exists within the region itself. The report emphasises that survivors of human trafficking are not provided ample support to help them reintegrate into their communities.

The importance of the study can be gauged by the fact that, the Greater Mekong region represents a very diverse pattern of human trafficking cases.

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