Birkbeck Institute for Social Research: ‘Older Women’, Policy and Politics – Panel Discussion Monday 4th November 6.30pm

Birkbeck Institute for Social Research

 in collaboration with
Birkbeck Center for the Study of British Politics and a Public Life


‘Older Women’, Policy and Politics – Panel Discussion and Debate

Monday 4th November  6.30pm – 8pm  Room B04, 43 Gordon Square


Debate about age discrimination has been largely silent about gender difference and older women are, in contrast to older men, often invisible, absent from the media, from public discourse and from policy initiatives.  Yet they are the majority of the older age groups in the UK. Moreover there are important differences among women over 65, differences that are evident in social, economic and political status, attitudes and behaviour.  Thus policy makers have started paying attention to these groups. And that raises a number of questions. How do older women and men differ? What are the differences among women? What, if anything, should government do about and for them? Why?


Fiona MacTaggart MP, is a member of The Labour Party’s Commission on Older Women. Together with Dr Rosie Campbell, Professor Joni lovenduski and Jackie Ashley of The Guardian she will lead a public discussion of these issues.


All welcome – no registration

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