Gender and Politics in the media

GOP try to craft ‘right message’ for women. Conservative arguments for supporting family planning. Block gun violence against women.

(Photo: Sanford Myers, The Tennessean)

Republicans try to craft ‘right message’ for women USA TODAY NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Republicans are hoping to persuade more women like Stefani Brown, a Democrat who says she has not closed her mind to the GOP, to give them another look after decades of lagging behind with the electorate’s biggest group of voters.

Brown said she agrees with some Republican views and would consider voting for a Republican in certain circumstances — perhaps if a woman were at the top of the ticket.

The GOP and the gender chasm Arkansas Times The gender gap is reasserting itself in the current political crisis. In this week’s Washington Post-ABC News poll, the negative numbers for Republicans are driven by the fact that three in four women voters oppose the Republican tactics over the past weeks. Reporting shows that in internal GOP polls in advance of the shutdown in an effort to undermine Obamacare, even Republican-leaning women overwhelmingly opposed the idea by more than 30 points.

Et tu, Boehner: what US Congress could learn from an all-women … The Guardian (blog) …The play, transferring to New York from the Donmar Warehouse in London, is set in a women’s prison, a society standing in aptly for Rome and wherein Shakespeare’s study of the uses and abuses of power has real resonance. After Ted Cruz’s epic performance last month, it could be argued there is enough drama in actual politics to make theatre redundant, but it’s useful to be reminded of what political behaviour in extremis looks like. “In your bad strokes, Brutus, you give good words,” says Mark Antony. And yes, John Boehner, we’re looking at you.

Women leaders gather in Boston to encourage political activity The Patriot Ledger “All issues are women’s issues…When you go through the door that some of the people here and myself have opened, or pushed open, don’t close it behind you.

There are solid conservative arguments for supporting family planning U.S. News & World Report Finally, contraception saves lives and reduces human suffering, a result religious conservatives, especially, can embrace. By allowing women to time and space …

Congress should be ashamed of its economic violence against women National Catholic Reporter (blog) I’ve said this recently in a work context, though I can’t remember the exact circumstances. My full-time job is in social justice research, and violence comes up …

Pommer: Could a woman be state’s next governor? Chippewa Herald Indeed, female voters may have thought it was time for Wisconsin to send a woman to the U. S. Senate. That sort of attitude could make for a close governor’s …

Time to block gun violence against women Chicago Tribune If October is like every other month, 46 women in the United States will be murdered with a gun by an intimate partner.

Public attention was gripped by the most recent mass shooting, at the Navy Yard in Washington, but during Domestic Violence Awareness month, we need to focus on the fact that women face a heightened risk of gun violence.

Women are more than three-and-a-half times as likely to be killed by an intimate partner as men. A gun in a household with a history of domestic violence increases by 20 times the risk that a woman will be killed there, compared to households without guns. Similarly, more than 75 percent of stalking victims are women – and stalkers use weapons to harm or threaten their victims in 1 out of 5 cases. The statistics show: Guns plus a history of domestic violence or stalking equals increased risk of death to women.

House GOP Disapproval Opens Doors For Women Candidates In … Huffington Post “Republicans lost big to EMILY’s List candidates in 2012 by alienating women voters,” McIntosh said, “and the GOP seems to be trying even harder to make …

Feminism campaign promotes gender equality The Rice Thresher The “Who Needs Feminism?” project was brought to Rice to help eradicate gender inequality and misconceptions about feminism, according to campaign …

Gender equity in Canada: A fresh look from Scandinavia Vancouver Sun (blog) If Canadians looked at what is  happening in Scandinavia regarding equal pay for work of equaly value, they might find some surprises — particularly about sex …

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