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UK: Soubry Appt 1st Female MP Defence Minister. Nobody likes a feminist, but that’s okay. Muslim school ‘must provide’ gender equality evidence.

Vicky Pryce: Many female prisoners behind bars because of men Metro Vicky Pryce, the ex-wife of shamed Liberal Democrat minister Chris Huhne, has said that she was shocked by how many women were in prison as a result of coercion from men.

The economist was sentenced to eight months in jail earlier this year for accepting speeding points on her driver’s license that were actually incurred by her husband. Huhne received the same sentence, with both eventually spending two months behind bars.

Anna Soubry Appointed First Ever Female MP Defence Minister Huffington Post UK Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry has become the first female MP to be made a defence minister, after David Cameron reshuffled the junior ranks of government.

Soubry had been public health minister, a job she said she felt had been given to her because she was a woman. However on Monday the prime minister moved her to the Ministry of Defence. Two women have previously served as ministers in the department – but they were both members of the House of Lords.

Soubry revealed she chided Cameron when he appointed her to the Department of Health last year. She told Total Politics: “To be quite frank, when the PM said to me, ‘I want you to do public health’, I thought, ‘Oh boss, I respect you so much, but I’m the only woman here and I get public health – I hope there’s no connection there’.

Nobody likes a feminist, but that’s okay Mail & Guardian Online …The fashion and beauty magazine, not a historically notable manual for gender revolution has weighed in this month with a spread on “rebranding feminism”, asking three advertising agencies to give gender politics a nip, tuck and polish.

The result is flowcharts and a lot of hot pink equivocation that airbrushes out the ugly, uncomfortable bits of women’s liberation. Like the word feminism, which some people seem to have a problem with.

They’d prefer us to consider men’s feelings first when we speak about work, pay and sexual violence, to be less threatening, to dress it up; they’d prefer us to talk about “equalism” if we must speak at all.

Those with a vested interest in the status quo would prefer young women to act more like they’re supposed to – to make everything, including our politics, as pretty and pleasing as possible.

The rebranding of feminism as an aspirational lifestyle choice, a desirable accessory, as easy to adjust to as a detox diet and just as unthreatening, is not a new idea.

Does David Cameron only like promoting obedient women? …What does a woman have to do to get on at the court of Cameron? Yesterday’s blueprint gives aspiring female MPs a few pointers for promotion.

If you’re loyal and telegenic, you’re in, and it helps to be a friend of the Chancellor’s too. If not, resign yourself to important work holding the executive to account, and getting your face in the local papers on “high-profile” constituency campaigns.

There’s no doubt the women who have been promoted – Claire Perry, Jane Ellison, Nicky Morgan and Esther McVey to name a few – are women with drive and integrity who deserve their ministerial roles.

But you can’t help feeling that some of those who have been overlooked for rocking the boat might have made the direction of travel a whole lot more interesting.

Helen Grant succeeds Hugh Robertson as sports minister in David … Women held the Government’s two senior sports jobs for the first time last night after Helen Grant succeeded Hugh Robertson as sports minister.

Grant, a former judo champion and the Conservative Party’s first black female MP, replaced Robertson in a reshuffle by the Prime Minister in which the 52-year-old solicitor joined Maria Miller at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

The move ended Robertson’s near-decade as either minister or shadow minister for sport, during which he helped oversee London’s hosting of the Olympics and Paralympics but also England’s failed bid for the 2018 World Cup.

Reshuffle sees more top jobs for women and northern MPs DAVID Cameron sought to change the face of the Government yesterday by promoting women and Northern MPs.

He handed out jobs to rising Tory stars ­including Liverpudlian former TV presenter Esther McVey (Employment Minister) and Rochdale-born Sajid Javid, who became the Financial Secretary to the Treasury.

Anna Soubry, a former TV presenter from the Midlands, made history by becoming the first woman Defence Minister.

Other frontbench women include Jane Ellison, Karen Bradley, Amber Rudd, Nicky Morgan and Claire Perry.

Muslim school ‘must provide’ gender equality evidence ITV News Schools Minister Lord Nash has ordered Al-Madinah Free School in Derby to provide evidence within the next week that it has stopped any practices that lead to …

Stop labelling women as fluffy or scary, says Miriam Clegg: Deputy … Daily Mail Nick Clegg’s wife has claimed women do not have enough role models to aspire to, and are too often labelled as ‘fluffy’ or ‘shallow’. Miriam Clegg, a lawyer, said …

Cameron Moves Towards More Women In Cabinet Sky News David Cameron once warned that the dearth of women in top Government positions was a “scandalous under-representation”. That was when he first became …

Comment: another disappointing reshuffle for women The Guardian The Women Problem, a recent in-depth study of female voters by Mumsnet, showed that 42% of women would back Labour, compared to 29% who would vote …

Diane Abbott’s ‘despair’ at Labour policy The Courier Ms Abbott was removed as shadow public health minister a day after a reshuffle which was widely seen as boosting the presence of women in the Labour top …

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