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UK: Tories promote Osbornites, women, northerners. A cross-party phenomenon–the invisible woman. The future for Labour is female.

A woman’s job: who cares about unpaid carers? The Guardian Women and girls spend substantially more time than men undertaking unpaid care work – such as preparing food, collecting water and fuel and clearning and caring for children and sick relatives – but their contribution is rarely acknowledged by policymakers.

As well as a violation of women’s human rights, the impact of this unpaid work, particularly on women who live in poverty, is huge. Household chores can prevent girls from going to school and infringe on women’s ability to join the labour market and improve their economic chances. Women in employment have to fit care work into their day, leaving little to no leisure time, and sometimes shifting the responsibility for household tasks on to other female members of the family.

Half of Labour’s shadow Cabinet to be women after expected reshuffle Half of Ed Miliband’s shadow Cabinet could be women after the Labour leader carries out an expected reshuffle of his front bench team this week. Gloria de Piero, a former GMTV reporter and a member of the strategy board of the think tank Progress, is tipped for a promotion.

Others said to be on the way up are Liz Kendall, the shadow care minister, and Kate Green, who is chairman of the Women’s Parliamentary Labour party.Stella Creasy, who has led a high profile campaign against pay day loans, is understood to be passed over a promotion. Rachel Reeves, who has been praised for her role as shadow Chief secretary, is also understood to be given her own policy brief.

* Tories promote Osbornites, women and northerners The Times (subscription) Tories promote Osbornites, women and northerners … who was press secretary to David Cameron until the end of 2008, is to replace Richard Beynon at Defra.

Profile of Chloe Smith – Cameron’s youngest minister ITV News Chloe Smith has spent just two short years as David Cameron’s youngest minister after stepping down from her Cabinet Office post ahead of an expected …

Theresa May: “a jolly nice girl”. Photograph: Andrew Winning/Reuters

It’s a cross-party phenomenon – the invisible woman The Guardian All three main party leaders have a lot to say about how the female profile must be raised. Then do nothing

At the start of what would turn out to be a busy week, the spin doctor turned anti-bullying campaigner Alastair Campbell was at the Tory conference, keeping a critical eye. “Reminds me of Russia,” he reported to his Twitter followers, “mainly ugly men and pretty women.”

What a fine compliment to Tory women, and what an advance, also, on Campbell’s own era in power, when the view was mainly of men, whose physical attributes need not concern us here. To return to Campbell’s diaries is to be reminded that almost the only women available for him and Blair to leer at during these long years of famine, were (with the exception of Princess Diana), air hostesses, journalists, other menials, ratings meticulously noted. “We were driven into the underground car park, met by a very pretty girl…”

Women to take starring role in David Cameron’s reshuffle David Cameron is expected to keep George Osborne, William Hague, Theresa May, Michael Gove and Iain Duncan Smith in their current Cabinet posts.

David Cameron’s benefits crackdown ‘will hit single parents hardest’ The Independent …Official figures show that 166,000 (46 per cent) of those under 25 who claim housing benefit are lone parents. So are 8,000 (2 per cent) of those claiming jobseeker’s allowance, which could also be limited under the “learn or earn” strategy being drawn up by the Downing Street Policy Unit.

A senior Liberal Democrat source told The Independent yesterday: “We are not opposed to conditionality in the benefits system, which currently exists. However, we are completely against turning the most vulnerable in society into easy targets….

Helen Grant succeeds Hugh Robertson as sports minister in David … “Absolutely delighted to have been asked by @David-Cameron to take both the sports and

Women: naked realities The Guardian “This is a free country,” David Cameron asserted last week, promising in the next breath full backing to institutions that wish to forbid Muslim women from …

Female and northern MPs charge your phone, the reshuffle is on (blog) Female and northern MPs charge your phone, the reshuffle is on … There is irritation at the way he put pressure on David Cameron to get rid of Andrew Mitchell …

How much men are paid is none of your business, Nigel Farage tells … Nick Clegg, the deputy Prime Minister, told Elle magazine on Saturday that women should “feel free” to ask their employers how much they earn in comparison …

David Cameron and Ed Miliband vote for women in reshuffles The Independent David Cameron is preparing to increase the number of women in his government this week to meet his pledge of having a third of female ministers by 2015.

While one or two cabinet ministers may see their jobs change, the main shake-up, expected tomorrow, will be in the junior ministerial ranks, with Liz Truss, Anna Soubry and Helen Grant tipped for promotion, along with Jessica Lee, a relatively unknown MP who is parliamentary aide to Dominic Grieve. The Prime Minister was heavily criticised a year ago for a reshuffle which saw the number of women in the Cabinet decrease from five to four.

The future for Labour is female New StatesmanLisa Nandy Shadow children’s minister The way Lisa Nandy tells it, it all happened at breakneck speed: her decision to stand as an MP in 2010 was followed mere weeks later by her selection in Wigan and then victory in the election. After years of working in the charity sector – first for Centrepoint, then for the Children’s Society – she was motivated by an increasing frustration with central government and a desire to change things from the inside.

Arriving at Westminster as one of a large cohort of first-time MPs, Nandy, who was 30 years old at the time, was assigned first Gordon Brown and then Alistair Darling as a mentor before taking up the position of parliamentary private secretary to the then shadow minister for the Olympics, Tessa Jowell, in autumn 2010. Though she admits that politically she has little in common with the veteran Blairite, she took a valuable lesson from their time working together: in Westminster, it is vital to make friends on the way up, or there will be nobody willing to catch you when you fall down.

Byrne And Twigg Lose Out In Labour Reshuffle Key 103 Manchester Ed Miliband has reshaped his shadow cabinet ready for the next general election, demoting Bl

Former Shadow Defence Secretary: British women should be … Former Shadow Defence Secretary: British women should be allowed to fight on … the Labour MP said on a Radio 4 documentary about women in the military.

Comment: another disappointing reshuffle for women The Guardian On the Labour benches, Gloria De Piero has been promoted to shadow minister for women and equalities and Rachel Reeves has become shadow work and …

Labour Reshuffle: Miliband ‘Culls Blairites’ Sky News The big winners in the Labour shake-up are three female rising stars, Rachel Reeves, promoted from shadow chief secretary to Mr Byrne’s work and pensions …

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