Gender and Politics in the media

Will a woman follow Karzai as Afghanistan’s president? The female spring: How Arab women change the face of Israel’s local elections.

Will a woman follow Hamid Karzai as Afghanistan’s president? The Independent As a baby, Fawzia Koofi was placed in a field and left to die under the baking sun.

That was the choice the 38-year-old’s mother made, believing she had failed by not producing a son and heir for her husband, whom she shared with six other wives. Koofi was the 19th child in her family; to her mother, a girl was just “another mouth to feed and a dowry to finance”, Koofi says. The sunburnt baby was brought in by a stranger and handed back to her mother who, pitying her, decided to keep her.

Now, Fawzia Koofi has set her sights on becoming Afghanistan’s first woman president at next year’s national elections – a controversial move in a country where women in any position of authority are targets of death threats and assassination attempts.


33% seats for women demanded in upcoming LG polls. PHOTO: ONLINE/FILE

Post-election report launch: Women’s participation stressed The Express Tribune Despite bleak security conditions that prevailed during the recent general elections, women voters surprisingly came out in almost the same numbers as their male counterparts.

With the hope of witnessing the same turnout at the local level, the National Commission for the Status of Women (NCSW), Gender Concerns International and women rights activists demanded an amendment to ensure 33 per cent seats are reserved for women in the upcoming local government elections.

The female spring: How Arab women change the face of Israel’s … Haaretz A women’s umbrella group predicts a 150-percent increase in the number of Arab women on local councils after the October 22 vote.

If you ask an Arab citizen of Israel what characterizes the election campaign in Arab municipalities, the typical answer is “violence, tribalism and lots of mud-slinging and hate-mongering that repeat every five years.” This can explain the absence of young people, intellectuals and successful people in general as candidates in the local elections. That’s doubly true for women.

Saudi woman runs for Jeddah’s Chamber of Commerce board … Al-Arabiya But one young Saudi woman is aiming straight for the top. Rania Salama has launched a campaign to be elected to the board of Jeddah’s Chamber of …

Women want their place in politics euronews Politics is a man’s world.

This cliché is still a reality in many European countries. After years of struggle, there are some cracks in the glass ceiling, but the higher up the scale we get, the fewer female faces we see. Euronews correspondent Anne Devineaux reports from Warsaw.

“They want to treat you like a ‘real woman’, they want to be very gentle and open the door before you, but one of the slogans of the feminists was: “We want you to open not the door to the house but the door to the parliament,” explains Wanda Nowicka, vice-president of the Polish Parliament.

Protesters in Nazareth decry violence against Arab women Jerusalem Post Protesters in Nazareth decry violence against Arab women … of Arab-Israeli NGOs, many dealing specifically with women’s issues, organized the protest.

More Palau women to stand for elections after Mock Congress Radio New Zealand International A participant at a national women’s meeting in Palau, Olympia Morei, says it has inspired her to run for local elections this year and prepare to run for the …

Will the Big Number of Female MPs Help Ordinary Women? Rwanda, already the world’s number one when it comes to the proportion of women in parliament, beat its own record when 64% female MPs were elected in …

Egypt Approves 25 Percent Women Quota in Municipalities Seats Egypt Approves 25 Percent Women Quota in Municipalities Seats … The municipalities, local elected bodies across Egyptians governorates, held its last …

Role Models: Women of substance India is a country of almost half a billion women, but the majority of them have to fight for space in a largely patriarchal and conservative society where the other …

Comment: Australia’s record on women’s representation slipping SBS (blog) While these numbers represent an improvement on 2010 figures (rising from 37 to 39 women), comparatively, Australia’s record on women’s representation is …

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