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UK – David Cameron: ‘I am a feminist’. Q&A with Jo Swinson MP. Women voters ask: Can you hear us, Cameron?

Ditch the schoolboy bully routine Dave, we need to see the man ……So David Cameron struggles to call himself a feminist, but if his interview in yesterday’s Sun is to be believed, he’s very much a new man.

He revealed he was “left literally holding the baby” when Sam Cam went on an “away weekend” with her colleagues. “When you are left on your own, it’s a good reminder of how difficult it is to do anything else when looking after a little one because you worry they might drown themselves in the sink whilst you’re having a pee.”

Was this a pr stunt? Possibly, but if it was it might just work. I didn’t find the idea that the PM’s a hands-on dad so unbelievable. And when it came to what all our kids are looking at on the internet, he sounded like any other modern father.

Women voters ask: Can you hear us, David Cameron? …Back in 2010, 36 per cent of women backed the Tories, compared to 31 per cent for Labour. Three years on, support for the party and, very specifically, the Prime Minister, among female voters is in free-fall. And given that psephologists acknowledge it is women who will decide which party will govern come 2015, what we think has never mattered more.

A recent Ipsos Mori survey for Mumsnet has hammered home the anecdotal evidence, revealing that only 29 per cent of women are pro-Conservative, compared to 42 per cent who support Labour. Not only do 58 per cent of women feel “dissatisfied” with Cameron, but when respondents were asked which leader was most out of touch, he scored highest, with 46 per cent.

David Cameron: ‘What I should have said is yes.’ Photograph: Stefan Rousseau/PA

David Cameron: ‘I am a feminist’ The Guardian David Cameron has sought to settle a dispute with equal rights campaigners by insisting that he is a feminist.

The prime minister came in for criticism after declining to apply the term to himself in an interview last week. He told Red magazine: “I don’t know what I’d call myself … it’s up to others to attach labels. But I believe men and women should be treated equally.”

Asked about the issue by Channel 4 News, Cameron said: “When I was asked that question, what I should have said is, if that means equal rights for women, then yes. If that is what you mean by feminist, then yes, I am a feminist.”

Live Q&A with Jo Swinson MP The Guardian Live Q&A with Jo Swinson MP. Join us for a Q&A with Liberal Democrat MP and women and equalities minister, Jo Swinson, between 2-3pm on Thursday.

Karren Brady: Tory Party ‘supports helping women’ ITV News Businesswoman Karren Brady said the Conservative Party “supports my ambition in helping women and in fact encourage me in doing so”.

Ahead of Chancellor George Osborne‘s speech to the Conservative Party conference, Ms Brady said, “This government supports and champions UK businesses large and small.

“Crucially this Government and this Chancellor gets business and helps people who aspire to work and make something of their lives.”

The football boss also revealed she was taking up a role as the Conservatives’ “small business ambassador”.

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